Writing Hack—First, the Art of Writing—the Craft of Writing Beautifies the Art

33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish: Writing Hack #27 Write the Action by Deborah S. Nelson

Writing Hack #27 of 33—Writing Hacks for Aspiring Authors Who Crave to Be to Published

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

Now that your writing is passionately flowing stories with excitement and action, let’s focus on how to polish your writing. Understand that the “art of writing” and the “craft of writing” are different mindsets. For best results do these different types of work in phases so that you are not demanding your mind to shift back and forth from the “art” to the “craft.” If you have not read Hack #10 Art and Craft of Writing you might want to review that tip now.

Click Here for Your Self-Publishing ToolkitThe writing industry offers many options to polish your writing. The three main ones include content editing, copy editing, and proofreading. I find that I can easily edit my own writing, but only if I wait a few weeks or months, after writing it. Content editors charge from $75-$100 an hour. However, this is a cost I do not want to incur. Therefore, I have learned how to edit, and consequently, also to self-edit. The key to effective self-editing is to edit with a fresh mind, and fresh eyes, which requires letting your writing sit for at least 3 weeks or longer.

Are Your a Wannabe Writer? Try 33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish by Deborah S. Nelson

I wrote a mini-course, 10 DIY Self-Editing Tips for a Smoothly Written Ride, which is phenomenal for saving hundreds and thousands of dollars in editing. As for copy editing, and proofreading, I suggest hiring a specialist from one of the freelance sites. These are very detailed types of work, and editing takes ongoing practice in order to develop the eye and mind to catch the details of the work.

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Deborah S. Nelson is an aspiring writer who has written and published 22 books to Amazon.com in the past nine years. She has worked inside a publishing house and written at least 400 online and offline articles. She claims she is still an aspiring writer addicted to the thrill of publishing—both your thrill and hers. That thrill is what propelled her into publishing coaching—and keeps her hooked!

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