Writing Hack—Truth is Stranger than Fiction. Write Your Life Story as a Novel.

33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish: Writing Hack #25 Your Life is a Book—Publish Your Journal a Book by Deborah S. Nelson

Writing Hack #25 of 33—Writing Hacks for Aspiring Authors Who Crave to Be to Published

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

A few new writers have experienced an amazing set up of circumstances and their life is ripe for an autobiography. Take the example of Helen Keller, Steve Jobs, John Adams (second US president), and other people who experienced high-level life stories. You do not need to be well-know, but if your life story is one that has overcome impossible odds and obstacles, then your life can be a book. If your life has been full of adventure, action, and drama, that could be great material for a novel–or a series of novels.

Click Here for Your Self-Publishing ToolkitThe challenge of this is that you probably need to have kept a journal during the times you faced these dramatic odds. If you try to remember everything five or ten years later, this will be quite difficult. In order to write an engaging, inspiring autobiography, it would be best to work from a journal, notes, or a diary. If you had written a blog during that time, that could be some great material from which to resurrect the story in a fairly accurate way.

Are Your a Wannabe Writer? Try 33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish by Deborah S. Nelson

However, if you love to write fiction, you can use your life experience for the basis of a novel. Many novels are based on a true story, but of course, the artistic license can be taken with events, times, places, and the leading characters in the book.

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Deborah S. Nelson is an aspiring writer who has written and published 22 books to Amazon.com in the past nine years. She has worked inside a publishing house and written at least 400 online and offline articles. She claims she is still an aspiring writer addicted to the thrill of publishing—both your thrill and hers. That thrill is what propelled her into publishing coaching—and keeps her hooked!

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