Writing Hack—Set Easy Writing Goals. Fail to Plan, and Your “Plan” is to Fail.

33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish: Writing Hack #21 Dream about Writing by Deborah S. Nelson

Writing Hack #21 of 33—Writing Hacks for Aspiring Authors Who Crave to Be to Published

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

If you are determined to publish a book or to make writing your full time or part-time career, you will find it helpful to set writing goals.

Click Here for Your Self-Publishing ToolkitAs with any dream, visualization propels the dream to reality. Visualizing the dream helps think of the actions and strategies to bring your dream to reality. Goal setting is part of that visualization.

What kind of writer would you like to be? Do you want a job working for a publication? Or do you want to write books? Do you want to learn how to write technical support materials? Do you have your mindset on becoming a freelance writer from home for jobs on the Internet? How about writing instruction booklets for manufactured electronics and devices?

Are Your a Wannabe Writer? Try 33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish by Deborah S. Nelson

If you start to pinpoint the kind of writing you love to do, then you will be a step closer to having your dreams fulfilled. You may want to outline some extra training or courses that will get you even closer to the kind of writing you want to do.

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Deborah S. Nelson is an aspiring writer who has written and published 22 books to Amazon.com in the past nine years. She has worked inside a publishing house and written at least 400 online and offline articles. She claims she is still an aspiring writer addicted to the thrill of publishing—both your thrill and hers. That thrill is what propelled her into publishing coaching—and keeps her hooked!

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