Writing Hack—Do the “Impossible” Write a Chapter (One Word at a Time)

33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish: Writing Hack #15 Write a Chapter by Deborah S. Nelson

Writing Hack #15 of 33—Writing Hacks for Aspiring Authors Who Crave to Be to Published

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

This writing hack is based on the famous quote, “How do you eat an elephant?” You eat it one bite at a time. How do you write a book? You write it one chapter at a time. Now that you have created a table of contents and have thought of some great ideas for chapters, you will easily be inspired to write a chapter or two.

Click Here for Your Self-Publishing ToolkitSometimes a chapter can be found out of nowhere! You may have written an article or an entry in a journal or something else that can be transformed into a chapter to fit into your table of contents. Often, one chapter will naturally lead to the next and will give you an idea and inspiration for the chapter that should follow. And before you know it, if you continue to write daily and stimulate your creative juices, your book will be complete.

Are Your a Wannabe Writer? Try 33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish by Deborah S. Nelson

Simply by writing that first chapter, you are now in the process of writing a book. As soon as you successfully complete one chapter, repeat the process as soon as possible, and make it a habit. This is where all well-known published authors started their writing career. Congratulations! You have started to write that book you have always dreamed of writing!

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Deborah S. Nelson is an aspiring writer who has written and published 22 books to Amazon.com in the past nine years. She has worked inside a publishing house and written at least 400 online and offline articles. She claims she is still an aspiring writer addicted to the thrill of publishing—both your thrill and hers. That thrill is what propelled her into publishing coaching—and keeps her hooked!

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