Writing Hack–Write Table of Contents to Give Your New Book Breath & Life

33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish: Writing Hack #14 Table of Contents by Deborah S. Nelson

Writing Hack #14 of 33—Writing Hacks for Aspiring Authors Who Crave to Be to Published

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

If you are implementing these writing hacks in order, then you are ready to start writing a book. The first task to do is organize your book. In order to do so, write a table of contents. This will help your words to flow.

When writing a table of contents, keep in mind the average non-fiction book is 16 chapters long, and the non-fiction book is two or three times that much. The average non-fiction book is about 140 pages and the average novel is usually over 300 pages. This will give you a rough idea of how to organize your table of contents.

Are Your a Wannabe Writer? Try 33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish by Deborah S. Nelson

Everything in writing can change and evolve, so your TOC does not have to be perfect the first pass. It will help you begin writing chapters. Sometimes you will write the last chapter first, or a random chapter in the middle of the book. Once you have the basic structure, you can fill in the gaps as you become inspired.

One of the tools that could be helpful to you at this stage is Publishing Your Book Blueprint. This book is a journal-type book which teaches about all the front matter, including the table of contents, dedication, preface, foreword, and all the back matter as well. This is the organizational framework of a book and can be used as a journal as well. You may purchase the Publish Your Book Blueprint at our Dream to Publish Shop.

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Deborah S. Nelson is an aspiring writer who has written and published 22 books to Amazon.com in the past nine years. She has worked inside a publishing house and written at least 400 online and offline articles. She claims she is still an aspiring writer addicted to the thrill of publishing—both your thrill and hers. That thrill is what propelled her into publishing coaching—and keeps her hooked!

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