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The Purpose of Hiring a Writing Coach or Publishing Coach

If you are serious about being published you consider hiring a writing coach. Writing coaches are incredibly helpful when your goal is to publish a book. Writing a book is time-consuming and can take years. Therefore, with the help of a professional writer, you can accomplish your dream to write and publish a book. 

What is the Difference Between a Publishing & Writing Coach? 

A writing coach should be someone with professional, published writing experience. Teaching experience, as well as motivational strategies, are key skills in a writing coach. Simply put, a writing coach collaborates with writers to ensure they arrive at the finish line. They help writers determine what they are writing, why are they writing, and to whom they are writing. These are key factors in propelling the writing project toward completion.  However, a publishing coach plays a larger role, where the coach collaborates with the author as they lead the completed manuscript through the (usually) book publishing process.

Why Hire a Publishing Coach?

Publishing Coach & Indie Publishing Coach 

A publishing coach moves your works through publishing processes using indie publishing, self-publishing, or traditional publishing. The writing process is first, the book proposal is second, and the publishing process is last. A publishing coach guides your book through the creative services and technical portions required to publish.  

An indie publishing coach or self-publishing coach is laser-focused on directing creative works for print. Both coaches are highly knowledgeable in printing processes—especially the preparation of book files for print. Hiring a publishing coach to ensure that your book goes to print, often removes many expensive and time-consuming mistakes. Coaching costs should at least save the money wasted from not knowing the process (you don’t know what you don’t know). Digital and indie publishing have a high learning curve. Most people would not go to court without a lawyer and most people should not publish a book without a publishing coach. The publishing coach will focus on book cover design, interior layout, and preparing the book files for print.

Meet with an Online Writing Coach

Online Writing Coach  

Once upon a time, writers met writing coaches in person. However, with Covid lockdowns, people have adjusted to working at home. Indeed, the cost of gas, and the time it takes to meet your coach, adds to the total cost. Many people have discovered Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime, and may easily enjoy meetings with their coach online. This method of receiving coaching is convenient and significantly less expensive for everyone, as well. When hiring an online coach, check their references, reviews, and testimonials. Deborah S. Nelson, Writing and Publishing Coach, offers a free half-hour coaching session for a $5 processing fee.

Book Writing Coach Program 

Writing a book is a serious endeavor—and not for the faint of heart. Just as you may hire a guide for a safari, book writing is no less adventuresome. Book writing may take years. Therefore, a good book coach will keep you from getting lost, or becoming discouraged. Book writing coaches offer programs and courses to help you make massive progress in a short amount of time. Deborah S. Nelson, Book Coach, offers courses and books to help you reach your goal to publish a book.  

The most value of book coaching programs is derived from the coach who leads writers through the process in chronological order. Like building a home, the general contractor does the foundation first, the framework next, and lastly, the painting, floor work, and other details. Similarly, you must follow the proper order in book-building for the book to be a success. Therefore, you will hire a content editor, copy-editor, proofreader, book cover designer, and interior book layout expert, for example. These must be done in proper order, or you will incur unnecessary costs. The book coach can supervise these projects to ensure the highest standard—and without inflated pricing from specialists. 

Types of Writing Coaches—Online Book Coach

Types of Writing Coaches—Business Writing Coach, Children’s Writing Coach, Christian Book Writing Coach 

When hiring a writing coach, consider the type of writing you will do. If specializing in a specific area, look for a writing coach experienced in that genre. Some writers are focused on writing a novel—and, in that case, look for a writing coach with published novels. In addition, if writing books for the Christian market, hire someone who has worked with Christian books. This is a large market with its own nuances that you should keep in mind. Children’s writing is another large genre, with its own challenges. Writing must be age-appropriate. Additionally, children’s books are often highly illustrated and must be published in color. On the other hand, business writing requires a high degree of communication and accuracy. These genres require special writing coaches. Therefore, you might consider a coaching specialist in one of these genres. 

Writing Coach Rates

Writing Coach Rates 

Writing coach rates vary by experience and reputation. Like in any field, look for a person with good references and a portfolio of previous work. Indeed, reviews, references, and testimonials are a good indication of the quality and type of work they do. Writing coaches range from $35-$75 an hour. Of course, celebrity writing coaches can and do command ridiculous prices. Generally, normal-level writing coaches can do the job just as well for an average of $50 an hour. Many writing coaches offer packages or courses which can reduce the pricing significantly.  

Publishing Coach Costs 

Publishing coaches are rarer than writing coaches and require a degree of technical savvy. Yet, the same hiring process applies for writing coaches, but understand that when going through the publishing process, you will need to also pay for book cover design, editors, and other professionals.  

The publishing coach will hire and oversee the best book specialists for the best pricing available. Consider that publishing coaches work with the best people to help publish your book. In general, publishing coach costs will range from $50-$150 an hour. However costly, unless you understand digital pre-production, if you try this on your own, you will face a two-to-three-year learning curve. Finally, in order to successfully publish, if you do not know digital publishing, you will need an expert publishing coach by your side.

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