Widbook: YouTube of Self-Published Books

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher Publishing SOLO & VRTG

Widbook is just one more of the rich revolutionary developments in the new digital publishing age. Like the World Wide Web itself, Widbook was originally created as a tool for professors and students to collaborate on projects. Widbook, a self-publishing platform, has now achieved a membership of 50,000 readers and authors. More than a community offering free e-books, Widbook has become a hot spot on the net where emerging self published authors may reach a wider audience and build an author fan base.

“Widbook gives new self published authors a chance to expand their readership. I published my book ‘Churinga’ there and in a few weeks had many followers and views,” remarks U.K. Songwriter-turned-author Jonathan Broad, 57.

Publishing Solo encourages our community of authors in the making to join this community and reach out to the marketplace of readers. To read more about the Widbook self-publishing platform see today’s news release in Sys-Con Media:

“– Eight months after raising funds, Widbook (www.widbook.com), the digital collaborative publishing platform, has reached the milestone mark of 50,000 members worldwide. During times when technology is revolutionizing the publishing industry, Widbook’s fast-growth and exclusively collaborative tools position it as a leader in the crowd-writing and self-publishing industries.

More than being a platform for established authors and book lovers to publish and read ebooks for free, the community has become a doorway for new writers. U.K. Songwriter-turned-author Jonathan Broad, 57, is excited to be a part of the digital publishing space and is eager to see what’s ahead for the market. “Widbook gives new authors a chance to expand their readership,” he said. “I published my book ‘Churinga’ there and in a few weeks had many followers and views.”

Another notable trend is participation from younger generations who feel the self-publishing platform is an opportunity to get noticed in this competitive industry. Denmark’s 18-year-old Louise Warberg started using Widbook after seeing one of her favorite writers publishing there. “Widbook seems very professional, so I chose one of my more mature, serious stories to publish there called ‘Stories the Butterfly Told Me,'” she said.

Writing since childhood, Bryony Magee, an 18-year-old from the U.K., reached millions of reads with the adult novel ‘The Popularity Debt’ and is working on publishing in print. She’s currently writing the book ‘The Sleeping Arrangement’ on Widbook. “The platform is a great way to reach a wider audience — most of whom would not know about me otherwise,” she said.

In addition to its exponential membership growth, Widbook recently launched its Android app available via Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.widbook.widbookapp&hl=pt_BR), which enables reading books from anywhere.

Anyone can sign up for Widbook’s free platform by visiting widbook.com and simply creating a profile. (read more)

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