Self-Publishing: What are the Parts of a Book?

Self=publishing ISBN Numbers

Self Publishing ISBN Numbers

What are the Parts of  a Book?

You have written your manuscript.  But suddenly you realize…What are the parts of a book, and where do they belong? You have edited the book; or hired a professional content editor to assure that your content is consistent, makes sense to the generic reader, and flows well. You have decided to skip the process of  being rejected by a traditional publisher  and you are going the self-publishing route.

Great. You have created your book cover, author bio, and synopsis and quick sales pitch on the back of the book; even included an ISBN number  in the exact place it belongs on the back cover of the book.  You have started an account with a print on demand company and are ready to prepare the interior of your book for publication. You are on the right track.

But wait.  This is where learning how to self publish a book yourself can get tricky. You can’t just start this book with Chapter One! What are the parts of a book? Here is a quick guide to what belongs in a basic book:

1. FRONT MATTER: Blank page, Praise for page, Title page, Epigraph page, Copyright page, half title page, Foreword, Introduction, Preface, Dedication acknowledgements, List of Illustrations.

2. BODY of the BOOK: Basically the narrative part of the book, to include section or divider pages, headers that define each chapter, author name, name of book, pages numbers, and design elements.

3. BACK MATTER: Will include end notes or footnotes, indexes, appendices, resource sections, notes, About the Author, Other Books by the Author, and a final blank page.

Not all books include all these options. There are no hard and fast rules, and you may want to refer to a style guide to get a more accurate listing and definition of the parts of a book. Or you can buy my new book, Publish Your Book Blueprint in 3 Days, a guide to the parts of a published book in proper chronological order. For more detailed instructions to  learn how to publish a book yourself, go to the home page.

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