5 Secret “Ninja” Tips on Writing a Book

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Write’s Block? No Way! Learn My Five Secret Tips for Writing a Book Fast!

How to Write a Book

By Deborah S. Nelson

Have you always wanted to write a book but never had the time? You’ll find these five tips on writing a book helpful to launch you into this long-awaited dream. Are you also interested in finding out more about digital publishing which makes publishing your book more possible? You have come to the right place for tips on writing a book, and publishing it as well! You are really going to love this! Now that we are entering the age of digital publishing, you might want to revisit the dream to learn how to write a book. If you have a passion to write, you are already on the path to success. Watch the video which covers 5 tips on writing a book to understand these tips on how to write and publish a book more clearly. It is not necessary to know the craft of writing since you can hire out the editing, proofreading, and graphics arts to those who are experts in the area. Later, we will teach you how to hire and manage self publishing services o make it more affordable. First thing, though is you need to write the book. This article provides easy tips on writing a book. If have already written your book and want to learn how to publish a book yourself, see other my other articles on this site.


The Art and the Craft of Writing a Book

The idea of eating an elephant one bite at time definitely applies to the goal of writing and publishing a book. Think about the two aspects of writing–the art and the craft. The craft is about getting the story to a form that people will understand. The art is about telling your story passionately. If you can tell your story passionately, the editors, proofreaders, and designers can clean up your work. But if you have no story to tell, no one can help you. Here are five tips on writing a book in record time:

Tips on Writing a Book and overcoming Writer's Block
The Craft.
The craft can be learned or hired. Simply speak your story into a recorder, transcribe to a Word document, and hand to a graphic artist to design your book.

Tips on Writing a bookThe Art. Tell Your Story. To learn to write, buy a journal and write or blog online consistently. Let it Flow. Forget about spelling, punctuation grammar.

Tips on writing a bookJust Write. To learn how to write, use a journal or blog online consistently.   Be present when writing. Envision a story from your day to write about.

Tips on writing a book
Play the Game. Anything you want to learn requires practice.

Dump PerfectionTip 5: Tips on Writing a book In Record Timeism. Finish the Race. Your mission is to enjoy telling the story. Editors, proofreaders, and designers will polish your work. Publish your book.

Self-publishing is a great option if you want to skip over the rejection process. Stay tuned for Tips on Writing a book–Tips Six through Ten. We will share both the video and the article. Join Publishing SOLO and receive a free self-publishing toolkit. Just sign up at the top right of our site.

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