Top 5 Proactive Tips for Writing a Book

Top Tips for Writing a Book-Part 1

By Deborah S. Nelson

How do you eat an elephant? (one bite at a time, as they say). But if anyone were to ask this question about writing a book, I would answer, “One tip at a time!” This article includes a 2-part video series to help you write your book, and give you the top ten tips for writing a book. But first, If you have passion for writing, the first thing to do is clear a workspace and get started! This article is part one of my top ten tips for writing a book. The “Once Upon a Book” Series, Episode 7  below, also covers these Tips for Writing a Book.

Tip 1: Tips for Writing a Book

The Art & the Craft of Writing

 Self-Publishing ToolkitThe Art & the Craft. Real writing and real authors are not overly concerned about spelling, grammar, and punctuation, because that is a distraction. Trained editors and proofreaders clean up writer’s work. Spend your passionate energy on the story you have to tell. Passion is what will drive your writing to the end. Buy a journal, or blog to tell your story.


Let it Flow

Let it flow. Do not be self-conscious or judge yourself. You can polish later. Simply write as you speak to get your story to flow. Flow your words onto a journal, or onto your blog, or word processing program. Your focus as a writer is to write with passion and tell the story, or teach your wisdom.

Tip 3: Tips for Writing a Book

Be Present When Writing

Be present. Bring the present into your writing to make exciting and intriguing for you and the reader. Avoid phrases such as “he was,” “there was,” “it was.” If you bring the present into your writing it will automatically be fresh and enticing. For practice in this, write about something that happened today.

Tip 4: Tips for Writing a Book

Play the Game of Writing

Practice, practice, practice. Just like anything, if you want to get good at something you need to practice. Get in the game by practicing daily or weekly. You’ll find that what once took hours to do, only takes a few minutes now. Blogging is a good way to improve your writing as the Internet provides an audience, which always brings your art and craft to a higher level.

Tip 5: Tips for Writing a Book

Dump Perfectionism

Let go of perfect. The reason deadlines have become a standard in the field of publishing is to get it done. Perfectionism is one the biggest traps in writing and publishing. Understand that all major publications do contain printing errors. Get a good editor and proofreader, and then go with it. Realize that it is more important to tell your story than it is to hoard your story.

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