This Course Changed Me.

Get Ready to Become an Author.

“Deborah S. Nelson’s course, Author Your Book, which uses the Author Your Reality Textbook along with the Author Your Book Action Plan Workbook, was fantastic! The material was easy and straightforward. Her 10 step Author your Reality curriculum takes you through the process which can be applied to manifesting any dream, I suppose. However, my dream was to become an author. I had five books in the making that I’ve never completed. Through this course, I finally finished and published my very first book! What a rush. What a dream come true. I now have the skills, courage and the inspiration to continue onward and upward! I took this class in person, however you can do it from your home. Everyone in her class published their own book in eight weeks. I give a big two thumbs up for this course work. Get both the text and the workbook, as they’re a set.”

—Cindy M. White, Author
The Ripple Effect Game
(Santa Barbara, CA)