Emily Yursheshen, Musician, Author, Travel Writer, An Odyssey of Song

Emily Yurcheshen, Author, An Odyssey of Song; Musician and Travel Writer

The Book Blueprint Course.

This workbook is a genius creation for writers, like me, who have wanted to publish a book but never knew the right order or steps to take to complete it! This insightful guide provides a step-by-step approach to help budding writers organize their thoughts and includes all the necessary components to publish. I recently took a fabulous publishing workshop with Deborah where she guided me through this book and soon after, my book blueprint was delivered in the mail. It inspired me and gave me clear direction of taking my book from start to finish. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a dream to publish.

—Emily Yurcheshen, Santa Barbara, CA

Deborah S Nelson, Publishing Coach

Robert Munster, Author, Still Surfing and Who are We Really?

From Kindergarten to Published Author.

When I first started with my publishing coach, Deborah S. Nelson, I did not even know how to cut and paste. I was at a kindergarten level in the presence of a Masters’ degree teacher. After eight or nine months, I have made it to the third grade and progressing all the time. However, Deborah, in her very patient way, has given me the skills I need to publish my second book within one year.

Deborah possesses an ocean of skill and wisdom which she readily shares. If anyone told me one year ago, that I would be publishing my own books and setting up my very own author website, I might have laughed in his/her face. Yet, the fact is, now I am getting ready to begin my third book.

Years ago I approached publishing companies and agents that ended in a discouraging dead-end. With Deborah’s help and knowledge of the self-publishing world, I’m finding that I have control over my work down to such details as what kind of font gets placed in my books. Literally, a whole new world has opened to me. Thank you, Deborah.

—Robert Munster, author of Still Surfing – Forty Eight Years on Waves and Who Are We, Really? – Learning to Listen to Life’s Clues.

Living Her Best Life.

Audrey Addison Williams, Speaker, Author, Consultant

Audrey Addison Williams, Speaker, Author, Consultant

I am in East Africa serving as CEO of Inspire Africa Academy and consulting using the vehicle of my own firm, Audrey Addison Williams, and because of Deborah Nelson’s Course which she “gifted” me with, two years ago. It is a major reason why I am now living my best life. Thank you, Deborah.

—Audrey Addison Williams, CEO,
Inspire Africa Academy (Kapala, East Africa)

Dream Catcher Tool.

Great Tool for establishing dreams suitable for junior high students through college and adult seekers. Positive affirmations and simple step by step activities make this a must have tool for those ready to plan for future, write a practical life plan, or even write a book!

—Dr. Deborah De Vries, School Trustee and College Instructor (Ventura, CA)


Deborah Nelson as Publishing Coach.

Julia Loggins, Author, Dare to Detoxify, and Cleanse for Happiness

Julia Loggins, Author, Dare to Detoxify, and Cleanse for Happiness

Being a published author is the best feeling in the world! With Deborah Nelson’s professional, creative, practical and informed guidance, you can be a published author, too!! Why try to navigate this crazy publishing world by yourself, or reinvent the wheel? Hiring Deborah to assist me in publishing my book ended up saving me money, time and endless frustration, because she knows the world of self-publishing like

no one else. Deborah Nelson is just the person you want to take your manuscript from a pile of papers through dreams to reality! I am so excited about the success of mine, I have already started my next book!


Cindy M. White, Author, The Ripple Effect Game

Cindy M. White, Author, The Ripple Effect Game

 A Life-Changing Course!

Deborah S. Nelson’s course, Author Your Book, which uses the Dreams to Reality Text along with the Author Your Book Action Plan Workbook, was fantastic! The material was easy and straightforward. There is a 10 step ‘dreams to reality’ process she takes you through which can be applied to manifesting any dream, I suppose. However, my dream was to become an author. I have 5 books in the making that I’ve never completed. Through this course I finally finished and published my very first book! What a rush. What a dream come true. I now have many of the skills, the courage and the inspiration to continue onward and upward!I took this class in person, however you can do it from your home. Everyone in her class published their own book in 8 weeks. I give a big two thumbs up for this course work. Get both the text and the workbook, as they’re a set.

—Cindy M. White, Author, The Ripple Effect Game (Santa Barbara, CA)
Eve Briere -Author

Eve Briere -Author

The Whole Picture.

I took Deborah’s Author Your Book Course. I was at a stage in my book where I hit the wall. I met with Deborah privately who brainstormed with me on the message I was trying to convey. I did not have a solid title yet and Deborah helped me to see how important that was. Once I got the right title, the whole book came together. Her insight, guidance and ability to see the whole picture on! Thanks, Deborah.

—Eve Briere, Founder, Successful Organizing Solutions, Author, 31 Days, 31 Space

Larry Melby, Consultant, Author

Larry Melby, Consultant, Author

Easy Road to Goal Achievement.

Dreams to Reality, when used with its Workbook, truly helps the reader determine their dreams (goals), and list them–which is very important. Then you pick one and and ride it to fruition in a wonderful manner. I was pleasantly surprised, since I don’t think of myself as dreamer. Well done, Deborah.

—Larry Melby, (Carpenteria, CA)
Peter Kamuria, Norman, Ok

Peter Kamuria, Norman, Ok

Get This Book Series!

For a lot of us, it’s not that we don’t have dreams. Life gets busy and all we get to do is what needs to be done. This book is a call to action to get started with bringing your dreams to reality. Dreams to Reality helps you define your dream and get you started with actually making the steps to fulfill that dream. Want to get started working on your dream?

Get this book!—Peter Kahuria (OK, USA)

Wisdom in a Little Book.

The author distills and simplifies centuries of wisdom in this little easy to read guidebook for setting & accomplishing life goals. Well worth owning a copy. You’ll likely keep it as a long-term guidebook to your universe.

—Carol Stall (Austin, TX)
Bill Hood Books, Bill Hood

Bill Hood Books, Bill Hood

Invest in yourself.

Just as others, you will no doubt by now have been inundated with books that promise all sorts of miracles – wealth, happiness, success, spiritual growth, inspiration, motivation and the proverbial more – if only you will buy the book. The problem is that all of these books expect you to follow the author’s dream, the author’s plan, the author’s timeline, the author’s goals. But you are not the author of the book that they want you to pay your hard-earned money for. And I know from my own experience that you can’t win any of those things or your own desires by following the dream of another. You must follow your own dream. Deborah Nelson, the author of Dreams to Reality – Author Your Dreams is passionate about allowing you to follow your own dreams – not hers. She is genuinely sincere about inspiring you to author your own dream action plan to find yourself. Ms. Nelson writes with conviction when she writes of how to “breathe life into your dreams by stimulating, stretching, and motivating your imagination beyond its normal limits.”

You are not told what to dream, but to live your own dream, whatever it may be. But, be ready to conquer the fear of failure, as that word is not in Ms. Nelson’s vocabulary. She will help you to look at all facets of your life, find your dream, separate the truth from fantasy and inspire you to take action to make your own dream come true. Don’t buy the book – invest in yourself by investing in this book that will turn your Dreams to Reality. I did!

—Bill Hood Books, Bill Hood (Austin, TX)
Down to Earth.

This book is easy to read and will get you motivated to take action the day you read it! The author breaks it down step by step so that anyone at any age can accomplish any goal. The author is down to earth and doesn’t include any hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo common in other books of this genre.

—J. Nelson (New York, NY)


This Book Will Get You Dreaming AND Achieving!

In these uncertain times, an action plan is more necessary than ever, and this book lays out
the steps in practical, do-able ways. Entrepreneurs are going to save this country in this economic downturn; this book will help you to let go of your fears and start building on your own unique dreams to achieve them like never before.

—D. S. Beasley, Owner, Angel Arts (Colorado Springs, CO)
Taylor Reaume, CEO, Search Engine Pros

Taylor Reaume, CEO, Search Engine Pros

Visualize Your Dreams To Live Your Dreams!

If you are looking to live your dreams or visualize your dreams – this book is for you. Living your dreams is not easy these days, especially in this down economy. Using a dream board or a vision board is often cited as one of the best ways to achieve your goals when striving for your dreams. I really enjoyed reading this book – highly insightful and very informative.

—Taylor Reaume, Search Engine Pros, (Santa Barbara, CA)
Maya Shaw Gale, Coach & Author

Maya Shaw Gale, Coach & Author

Gentle Process.

Like a gentle midwife, Deborah S. Nelson skillfully and gracefully coached me past my resistance and procrastination to give birth to my first book of poetry; and managed to make it a painless, playful, and flowing process.

—Maya Shaw Gale,
Poet & Life Coach, Creative Edge Coaching
(Santa Barbara,CA)
Patty DeDominic, Founder International Woman’s Festival

Patty DeDominic, Founder International Woman’s Festival

Generous Mentor.

Deborah S. Nelson is a wonderful book writing coach and generous mentor. She knows how to gently and patiently coax the book out of a person—then firmly guide them to bring it to published form.

—Patty DeDominic, Founder,
International Woman’s Festival
DeDominic & Associates
(Montecito, CA)

Joy of a Championship.

Mannie Jackson

Mannie Jackson

Ms. Nelson is a great partner and important member of my team. Without her tireless efforts I would have stopped long ago. She’s an angel and wields the powerful art of dreaming, writing, and publishing. As a coach, she balances the paradox of gently coaxing your story from your inner being, while firmly guiding your book to its published completion. The joy of sharing and publishing your story that impacts the world positively, can rightly be compared to the joy of putting a championship team on the floor.

—Mannie Jackson, (Las Vegas, NV)

Those who have completed Ms. Nelson’s Courses are raving fans. See Videos Reviews & Author Library.
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