Four P’s of Being a Published Writer

Living Your Dream of Being a Published Author

becoming a published writer

In the Beginning, We Know Very Little. All Authors Started this Way.

When we first begin to write, many of us question our ability to write and become a published writer. This is normal, because we compare ourselves to other successful authors. In the beginning of doing anything, most of us are not very good. We have to learn. The key aspects to making your way through the process to become a published writer are listed here.

The Four P’s of Becoming a Published Writer

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the 4 P's of becoming a published writerPassion: Are you passionate about writing? Do you seem to write journals, articles, books, constantly, even though you may  not be a professional writer? If you are passionate about writing, this is step one on the path to being a published writer.

the 4 P's of becoming a published writerPractice: When learning anything, practice makes perfect. How do you get practice? Start a journal, a blog, or find a blog for which you would like to be a guest writer. Bloggers are looking for fresh, new, content, and most would love to tap into guest writers. To sign up for your own free blog, go to or These are free blog formats.

the 4 P's of becoming a published writerPerfecting: Get connected with other writers by joining writer’s groups or taking courses. Learn, share, and grow by being with others who also love to write. Writer’s groups prompt writers to share writings and give critiques. Do not take these too seriously. If they offer ideas you like, take them and go. If not, just discard them.

the 4 P's of becoming a published writerPatience: Becoming a published writer can be a lifelong task. Your writing will get better with time and practice. Be willing to write for the pure passion of it, and do not get attached to making money. Sometimes taking a job as a part-time writer or working for a magazine or publisher can be helpful. I took a job with a publishing company for a few years; and the experience was invaluable.

If you love to write, and have a dream to be a published writer, keep going. Do not let anyone say that you are not a good writer. Just keep practicing, learning, and perfecting. I started writing in journals in my teens, and it was not until my fifties that I wrote and published my first book! Louisa Hay of Hay House Publishing published her first books in her sixties. Sometimes your passion takes a life time to come to fruition; but totally worth it!

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