Award-Winning Authors Self-Publish

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher Publishing SOLO & VRTG

It is one thing for those whose works have not been published by a traditional publishing house to extol the virtues self-publishing; but it is entirely another when praised by those who have gone both ways! Selected as one of Amazon’s 100 Best Books of the Year for 2011 was Deborah Reed’s “Carry Yourself Back to Me;” and in this video she talks about her experience with Kindle and the self-publishing opportunity. We also hear from James Altucher who switched exclusively to self-publishing despite successfully authoring 6 books with traditional publishers. Something is definitely working about self publishing for these successful authors to make the switch.

We also hear from Theresa Ragan, who sold over 300,000 books through Kindle, including four Top 100 Kindle Best-Sellers. Also telling of her experience  is Maria Murnane’s whose debut novel, “Perfect on Paper,” reached #2 in the Kindle store.  Kindle is a division of Amazon Books, and offers electronic books to be read on a portable digital device called a Kindle. Also relaying her self publishing experience with Kindle is Melinda Leigh who sold over 100,000 copies of “She Can Run” and became a 2012 International Thriller Award Finalist.

These five Kindle authors are not the only ones. There are many traditionally published authors who are defecting. Take Guy Kawasaki . Author of APE, What the Plus!, Enchantment, and nine other books, including Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Kawasaki’s books focus on business.  With a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College, Kawasaki has moved to self publishing recently with his new book called APE, Author Publishing Entrepreneur. Quite experienced and educated on the subject of entrepreneurship, he weighs in heavily in favor of self publishing in his latest book.

Whether you are a first time or many time published author, the digital era has opened up opportunities in many areas, and publishing is yet another area which is going through the digital transformation. Think of the times past when only the elite, scholarly, or celebrity became the published authors. That time is beginning to fade into the distant past. Many traditional publishing companies are joining the fray and now offering print on demand platforms and after the newer digital publishing companies lead.

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