Just Write it! Series: The Writing Muse

Three Tips for Connecting to the Writing Muse

Take Time to be Alone and to Find the Writing Muse

With an inspired idea, writing flows easily. Your concept, story, or purpose of your piece comes alive. Writing becomes not a matter of discipline; but a matter of inspiration. Flowing from deep inside, sometimes you feel you can’t capture it fast enough. Tuning into the inspiration is half the battle. Creative people sometimes refer to this mysterious flow of inspiration as the muse.

How to Get Inspired to Write

In Greek Mythology, the Muses are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science, and art in Greek mythology. I believe the muse is simply your connection with a higher power, God, The Universe, or Source. Writers tap into a greater intelligence or their own genius when in the right frame of mind. I have listed a few tips how myself and other writers that I know get themselves into the inspired writing state.


CaptureWriters who are looking for inspiration often find it by getting away from normal daily life. Sometimes a walk in the park among nature can give just the inspiration you need. My entire career launched with a three-month writing sabbatical to the Caribbean 6 years ago. It was true love and I have not stopped writing since then!

TwoContinuous nurturing of the inner self through contemplation, reading, meditation, prayer, and personal development. Writers are people with something to say, something to share. In order to have something exciting to share, writers must have a relationship with their soul. Great writing initiates from the soul.

Number3typeResearch and study of your subject. If you are working on a novel or a fiction piece, finding out as much detail as possible regarding the geographic area, timeline, or the cultural norms of the characters, will help your story come alive. If you are creating a non-fiction piece, research on you subject matter will provide further inspiration. Reading what others have written on the subject brings up new questions regarding what has not already been covered on the subject. You will want a fresh new approach than what has been done, and once you find that direction, inspiration will be forthcoming.

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