Becoming a Published Author-Get a Raise!

Becoming a Published Author-Creating Author Authority

By Deborah S. Nelson

Make a Book using Print on Demand: Becoming a Published Author

Becoming a Published Author Builds Credibility & Confidence

It is nearly 2015, and some powerful buzz words are hitting the Internet Space–Google Author Verification, Search Engine Optimization, and Online Publishing. What do these terms have in common with becoming a published author? First, let us focus on the one word that dominates this game. That word is “authority.” Domain authority, page authority, and author authority influence the Google Search Engine in ranking your published works. Google ranking of your works translates to exposure and ultimately, sales. “Authority” as defined by


If you have the authority to do something, you have the right or power to do it. You are the big cheese. In other words, if you know more about a topic than most, you are an authority on that topic.

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The Most Powerful Publishing Platform in History

When personal computers became popularized by the use of e-mail and the World Wide Web, at first none of us knew what it meant. In the beginning, government and educational institutions used e-mail as a communications tool. Once the World Wide Web created a platform for mass communications online, more uses developed over time. Online shopping such as E-Bay, PayPal, and other conveniences came into being. Over time the World Wide Web has evolved. Now in the 21st Century the Web has settled into a reality of its own. What is that reality? With great epiphany I have realized that the World Wide Web is the Publishing Platform of the 21st Century. The PC is the new ink and the Web is the new paper. Everything written is posted and published for the world to see. Understanding that the Web is actually a publishing platform will give you the ability to master the web. The undiscovered secret is understanding that the Internet is the most powerful publishing platform in history.

Authority, Author Ranking, and Publishing

If you want to gain traffic from Google, which translates into economic advantage, building Domain Authority and Page Authority is critical. Google’s goal to keep search engine results relevant to what searchers are seeking is their primary business strategy. This keeps Google advertising (some $19 billion or more each year) viable. What does this mean specifically to you as a business person, or online publisher? It means the ability to get your message to thousands and millions of targeted readers. It means the ability to get your information, services and products in front of readers and buyers. Becoming a published author can increase your authority rank with Google and get your message in front of people who want and need your products or services.

Becoming a Published Author and Giving Yourself a Raise

Becoming a published author positions you for an increase in income. With a published book, you may easily offer consulting, give workshops, become a speaker, and increase your fees in a related business.  Becoming a published author on the World Wide Web encompasses many forms of publishing such as the following:

  • Branded Blog Publisher
  • Online Magazine Publication
  • Publish a traditional printed book to sell on Amazon
  • Publish an electronic version of a printed book in Kindle
  • Publish an e-book and sell on platforms such as Smashwords. Kobo or Clickbank

Any of these methods of online or digital publishing can give your wisdom, knowledge, or entertainment venues exposure. Learning how to get your works exposure includes a learning curve, but an important step is to get Google Author Verified.

What is Google Author Verification?

I have written a 3-part series on how to get Google Author verification. This status relates back to the concept of “authority.” Once you become a “known authority” on a subject, Google will send traffic to your published information. However, you must prove to Google that you are that authority. Establishing authority and gaining recognition on the www is most easily done through applying to Google to become a Google Verified Author. Becoming a published author and letting Google know it is important. Once Google accepts you as a verified author, anything you write is cross referenced with your Google Author Profile. To learn more about this you may read my Google Author Verification articles which covers the whys and hows of Google Author Verification. The most important thing to know is, you must protect your original works that you publish online by registering them with your Google Author Profile, and build authority with Google by informing them of what you are writing and publishing online. Becoming a Published author online will give you an economic advantage if you take the steps to protect your works, and let Google know what you are writing about.

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