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The Dream to Write–the Dream to Publish

Resolutions can easily be broken–habits are for a lifetime! So, why not make writing a habit? Easier said than done, right? As a publishing coach, I speak with people often with a dream to write a book. Their dream has been hanging on for a long time in most cases. Many take courses, or hire me as a private write coach to get that dream moving. But how can you get your dream to write in motion? Obviously, you must start writing, and continue write. How can you make writing a habit?

This work is my joy. There is nothing like the exhilaration of being published for the first time. But it was not always that way for me. When working with first time authors, I have the honor and privilege of experiencing that joy and exhilaration with them. If you would like to try out my book coaching services, I offer a complimentary book coaching session, and click below to learn more about that.


For many this accomplishment is a long journey, but well worth the effort. On this journey, a writer becomes an author … a published author, and friends, family, and peers see them in a whole new light. The new published author sees themselves in a whole new light as well.

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Real Benefits of Being Published

Being able to write and communicate a heart-felt message is an accomplishment and a completion of a journey. Some people are sharing fiction, or non-fiction, but communicating a passion in whatever form makes the writer a better person.  Sharing deep secrets, truths, skills, or lessons to people who need to hear them, makes a writer or a person whole, complete, fulfilled. This has a way of making a person a brighter, more enthusiastic, fulfilled, and self-confident person.

The practical and financial benefits of being a published author include buidling your business and personal brand, increasing your self and net worth, and increasing your bottom line in terms of commanding speaking fees, consulting fees, and being able to give workshops and seminars, as well as raising the price on your products and services. This is easy to do once you become a pubished author and expert in your field.

Three Tips How to Make Writing a Habit

3 tips on blackboard how to make writing a habit by deborah S. Nelson Dream to Publish. Teaches how to write and publish a book with Indie PublishingIf you want to write a book, screen play, an article, or a script, you will need to start making writing a habit. Once writing is a habit the book or script write itself. I write all the time, now. People think I am super disciplined, but that is not true. I just love to write, and when I get an inspired idea, nothing can keep me away. If I am writing 10 to 12 hours a day, from the outside, it looks like I am disciplined; but I am just super inspired.

Here are three tips for making writing a habit:

  1. PRACTICAL METHOD: Start a journal, diary, blog, or dream notebook. Write 100 words a day. This will take about 5 minutes. Some people have amazing dreams, and keeping a dream notebook is a great way to make writing a habit. You wake up with instant writing material!
  2. INSPIRATIONAL APPROACH: Write a list of all the book, story, or article ideas that you have ever had! This might take a few days or weeks, but once you try this technique, you’ll quickly move into actually writing these pieces.
  3. PURE DISCIPLINE: This one might work for you: Set aside a quiet, regular time and place to sit and write for half an hour each day. This is too disciplined for me, but one of my writer friends who is a best-selling author with a regular full-time job, wrote 14 books in a period of 10 years by writing for half an hour before going to work each morning.

Whatever method you try to make writing a habit, decide today to “Just Write it,” and start your journey today for becoming a passionate and joyful published author.

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Do You Write from Your Heart or from Your Head? What Inspires You Most?

Writing with Your Heart or Head?Writing from Your Heart or Head, Which is Better?

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-book Coach-Speaker

When teaching, I speak of two writing methods–The Art of Writing, which is writing from your heart; and The Craft of Writing, which is writing from your head.

To be a good writer, you only need one method–writing from your heart. I urge clients, writers, and students to spill their passion. First pour your heart out. Once you tell you story on paper (or computer) it is easy to clean it up. We can hire editors, copy editors, and proofreaders to smooth the rough edges. Most importantly, tell your story authentically with passion.

Most of my clients and students are afraid their writing might be “bad writing.” This fear is a culturally shared fear dating back hundreds of years when publishing houses held the key to the printing press. They defined what was “good” writing and “bad” writing, often based on self-perpetuating factors. Today we enjoy print on demand which allows us to print just one book affordably. We can publish our own works now. We need not be scholars, or celebrities, or part of the elite to be published. Democracy has come to publishing. We do not need anyone’s permission write and to publish.

writing from your heart is the best direction. Warning Sign says watch writing with your ego.

Is My Writing Good or Bad Writing?

No system to filter good writing from bad writing is yet in place on this new playing field of self-publishing. The system inside traditional publishing houses is based as much on the book’s monetization potential as writing quality. I have seen this in action. Yet, we are all likely to agree a difference between good and bad writing is a reality.

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After working in both traditional publishing and self-publishing, I realize the real distinction between good writing and bad writing boils down to writing from your heart. Too often writers are writing for the attention of being published. They are like people who talk to hear themselves talk.  Similarly these writers crave seeing their name in print. When you write self-consciously like this, it is not writing from your heart, this is writing from your ego.

Writing from Ego Likely to Create “Bad Writing”

To coax the best writing from your heart, drop the idea of appearances. Transcend them memory of your high school or college English teacher. You are telling a story, or teaching something to your readers to help them. You are entertaining, teaching, or providing valuable information. Feeling the connection between what you share and who share you it with, will automatically create good writing. Writing from your heart will cover up a multitude of writing sins when you engage readers with your passion. Next time you write, forget about grammar, spelling, vocabulary. Let it rip! Writing from your heart breaks the spell of writer’s block, and eliminates the quest for writing discipline.

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