Is Being Rich Wrong?

Overcoming Scarcity Mentality 

Culture teaches most people that money is bad. The perception that rich people are greedy and devoid of spiritual depth, springs from the money is bad concept. Isn’t that wrong, though? Look around objectively, and identify these false messages. The first step in finding and receiving riches is to identify these false messages which are often deeply embedded into the human psyche. Obviously, those born into a wealthy environment, most likely will not experience these obstacles. 

Who taught us these money lessons … and why? 

E Equals MC Squared 

Einstein discovered that energy is the force behind reality. If you study quantum physics, it has been proven that thoughts produce energy—and energy creates physical outcome. The formulas are complicated but the simple conclusion shows that mentality could block abundance. 

Furthermore, the money is bad mentality keeps people from receiving. Money does not grow on trees, keeps people from receiving. These powerful money messages that keep thoughts and energy from expanding. 

Money is Energy 

Money is an exchange value. When you give money in trade for some product or service, you exchange value. Therefore, the more money you have at your fingertips, the more value you can receive—and by extension the more value you can produce. The practice of freeing yourself of limiting money beliefs which hold your success back, is an ongoing process.  

Dreams, Visions & Seeds 

If you envision yourself as an entrepreneur, you will need to invest in your vision. Sometimes your investment takes the form of sweat equity, talent, a loan, or your savings. But to create and realize a vision, you must first plant an investment. If you lack money, it’s necessary to plant the vision in the form of a business proposal, patent, prototype, or business plan. These are ways of planting seeds and creating investment or investors. 

Success Depends on Creating Value—Time, Talent & Team 

Anyone can create success by creating value. People need and want valuable products, services, and ideas. However, this will require some resources in the form of time, talent, and team. Once you overcome false beliefs about riches, you’ll discover the resources that you need to build your vision, business plan, product, or service. Many have done this from zero money, and so can you. 

The Power of Habits & Morning Routine 

Waking up early and establishing a morning routine which maximizes your personal energy, is key to attracting success. If you find that exercising, meditating, planning, or writing are actions which energize you, make a habit of that. Habits are seeds. All people are unique, and your morning routine will also be unique. Over time, you will develop the perfect routine, which will maximize your talent, creativity, and energy. 

Practice Gratitude & Authenticity 

First of all, find yourself, and then, be yourself. Once your abundance starts moving towards you, keep the momentum flowing. The easiest way to do this is to practice gratitude for everything. One of my favorite sayings is “Be thankful for what you already have, or you will lose it.” I see this time and time again, where people complain, and become bitter, and they lose it all. I think it’s the way of the universe, or God teaching appreciation of all that is given. Life, health, friends, and family are a gift which can never be taken for granted. Losing any of these has a way of destroying momentum and joy. Be proactive, and practice gratitude daily, or even hourly. You’ll reap the most abundance in gratitude, forgiveness, and joy.

abundance coaching with deborah s. nelson

Abundant Economic Circles 

How would it feel to own your own home free and clear? Would you love to own and run your own business to make your own income? How would you feel without permanent debt and with the freedom to come and go? I wanted to be free for decades, and over time, I achieved joyful financial freedom. 

Instead of investing your money in top corporate schemes, such as mortgages, the stock market, digital currency, credit card debt, car loans, pharmaceuticals, MLM, and poor food and health choices, learn how money can produce real income for you—rather than for the elite class. Good for them, but they don’t need more. You probably do. Obviously, this will require a leap of faith, but staying in the same endless game, requires faith as well. As many of us have already proven, hard work and educational level does not guarantee riches. 

Is Being Rich Wrong? 

We tend to think that being rich is wrong—but only because 97% of the rich are wronging you to get their riches. Being well-off and free from economic debt and pressures is not always wrong.

About Deborah S. Nelson

Deborah S. Nelson is a proponent of the “something from nothing” concept and an abundance coach. She teaches the abundance of self-employment, branding, writing, and publishing. Deborah S. Nelson is a published author of 22 books—she writes, publishes, and coaches from her retreat from the Caribbean. She offers publishing and writing coaching, plus author branding services which include author websites, hosting, logos, book design, marketing, and author branded products. Nelson also provides blogs, editing, and ghostwriting backed by 15 years of writing and publishing experience. 

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