Selling Your Books with Author Branding Basics

Okay—you’ve done it! You’ve published a book. Now what? But, have you given much thought to selling your books and author branding?

Selling Your Books

Writing and publishing a book is a big undertaking, and you may feel exhausted. However, if you lay the groundwork of author branding as you go, when it comes time to launch that book, you’ll be ready to sell books.

Author Branding Sells Books

Author branding signals to readers who you are and what types of books you write. Author branding is the foundation of selling books and includes the following aspects.

  1. Logo and Tagline
  2. Author Bio
  3. Author Headshots
  4. Author Website
  5. Social Media
  6. Video Channel
Create Your Author Brand

Author Logo and Tagline

The idea of author branding is to create a recognizable name for yourself. You will want to develop a logo, with a tagline representing your name and mission. For example, one of my coaching client’s logos is a vibrant image of herself making fresh orange juice juxtaposed over an ocean background. Her tagline is “Cleansing for Energy.” Her products and services are all health-oriented with the goal of cleansing. Her readers and clients know that if you need cleansing, one of her three books and many products will help you accomplish that.

Author Bio Sets the Tone for Author Branding

As an author, uses for an enticing and captivating author bio are almost endless. You will need an author bio for the “About the Author” section of your book, as well as your author website, social media sites, and online book descriptions. Take some time to write your story. Tell people what your mission is and who you are in terms of a simple, recognizable brand. 

Importance of an Headshot for Author Branding

Increase Book Sales with Professional Author Headshots

This is not a place to skimp. Your author headshot is everything. Hire a professional headshot photographer. You will need headshots for the back cover, your website, and social media accounts—so take time and care in shooting these photos. Full body shots that show you in action and emphasize your mission can also enhance your author website. These photos can be used for other author branding purposes as well. To sell books, get a great author headshot and body shots that will reflect your best qualities. 

Author Website is a Place for Selling Your Books

An author website gives you a web presence. Be sure to buy a domain with your name. If unavailable, simply add hyphens between your first and last name. Usually, you can land a dot com domain by selecting the hyphens. Or, if you do not want hyphens, buy one of the many alternative extensions, such as dot TV, dot guru, dot money, or any other than dot com. I prefer dot com, so when I run into an unavailable domain, I just add hyphens. Dot com has more authority with search engines and is preferable for stronger author branding.

Lady Online Shopping—Create an Online Store with Author Branding

Bookstore on Your Website

In addition, of course, you will want a theme that includes a shopping cart, so that you may sell your books directly from your website. If you focus on Amazon and other book-selling networks, you will pay 40% to the bookseller. Although important for ratings, selling books on Amazon is necessary for the first months, but down the road, you will make a much better profit selling books from your website—and simply drop shipping from your print-on-demand account.

Author websites need not be complex or expensive. Go for an author theme, such as Author Pro by Genesis, which is a framework available from Premium Press. Or, hire a freelancer from to build your website. 

Social Media Presence Builds Fan Base

An author-branded presence in your writing niche can create interest in your books. Be sure to use professional photos, logos, and make your brand clear. Once readers recognize your brand, it is an easy step to book sales. Use social media to announce live stream videos, book offers, your website, and otherwise make your brand obvious. Do not forget to join Goodreads which is the “Facebook” for book lovers.

Video Channel for Author Branding

How a Video Channel Sells Books

Creating a channel on YouTube, Vimeo, or Bit Shute can build your fanbase and give them a chance to know more about your subject material. Once they are hooked on the information you provide in your videos, you can send them to your website or Amazon to purchase your book. Offer courses, speaking engagements, and other collateral products and services through your video account. If you are shy about putting your face on video, you can use slides and voice-over to share, teach, and promote your books and other offerings.

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