Top Self Publishing Tool Kits

Self Publishing Tool kits

Self Publishing Tool Kits. Which are Best?

In this article you will find a summary of the top self-publishing tool kits available. However, if you are ready to learn about self-publishing a book its time to take the first step. The first step is to hire a publishing coach or to try a self-publishing tool-kit.

Learn Before You Leap!

It is exciting to finally make a decision to self-publish your book. But, buyer, beware. The so-called self-publishing companies hold hands out for your money. Before proceeding, do yourself a favor by reading my article, Self-Publishing Companies to Avoid and How to Detect Author Scams!

Of course, the least expensive way to start is to try one of the free self-publishing tool-kits. Many of the print on demand companies offer free self-publishing book kits in order to attract buyers to their self-publishing services. This makes sense but the information in these tool-kits is geared to sell you their services which are not free.

Top Self-Publishing Companies with Toolkits

The Process of self-publishing a bookConsider, several prominent and top self-publishing companies include IngramSpark, Morris Publishing, LuLu Books. They all offer free self publishing tool kits. These tool kits offer various tips of how to self-publishing a book–mostly around using their platform. Of course, it is free to sign up for their services. However, these tool-kits offer very little solid information, except for a soft sales pitch for printing. Later, you’ll be hit with “after-the-fact” publishing services.

Indeed, their headliner service includes digital book printing. Yet, once you study about self-publishing, you will realize these that “self-publishing companies” are up-selling other publishing services. Notably, extra services include book cover design, interior book design, content editing, proofreading other publishing services. So, this is another cases of “free is not free.”

Do it Yourself Publishing kits. Feel the exhilaration of being a published author.

High Value Book Publishing Tool-Kits

A great option to ultimately save you time, money, and sweat, is sponsored by The Publishing SOLO Magazine. The Real Self-Publishing Toolkit at Dream to Publish which retails for $80, actually provides tools that will move you down the path to get you closer to publishing your book! These tools were created by Deborah S. Nelson, writer, for Publishing SOLO Magazine, and offers practical strategies to help you learn how to self-publish a book.

Self-Publishing checklist—chronological overview of the self-publishing process$10.00
Seven instructional and inspirational self-publishing videos—you’ll need it at times.$13.00
Intent to Publish Contract—you make a contract with yourself to publish your book.$7.00
Self-Publishing Dictionary of Terms—Learn the terms—it’s a whole new language!$7.00
33 Secret Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish$33.00

You may purchase the Real Self-Publishing Toolkit for $47 or try a mini-version for free.

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