12 Great Ideas for Ramping up Self Publishing Profits–Points 5 Thru 12

This is a Part Two of  On Demand Book Printing—12 Money Motives to Publish a Book Yourself; which includes ideas 1-4  how to earn self publishing profits.

Step five of the Self Publishing Checklist.

Leverage Your Books to Increase Self Publishing Profits

Once you use print on demand for your publishing method; you may buy your books wholesale directly from the printer for a fraction of the retail price. Then, when the time is right, give your books to charity, for a tax write-off, or give books at seminars, public events, workshops. This is as a smart way of promoting your services.

The Self-Publishing Checklist by Deborah S Nelson of Publishing SOLO

Book Sales Create Self Publishing Profits

Obviously, self publishng profits can come through book sales. However, instead of or addition to selling your books on amazon.com, for a additional income stream, sell your books from your own website. Over 73% of books are now being purchased online. It is not necessary to make your books available in book stores to become a successful author. This is the old model of publishing, and the digital model of publishing moves books online, not through bookstores. For local sales, you may also set up a table at local business events, book fairs, or industry wide fairs to find new clients, and while making book sales to offset the cost of the booth.

Step 7 of the Self-Publishing Steps to Self-Publishing a Book
Workshops & Events Increase Self Publishing Profits

Use your book as curriculum for workshops and events that you host at your place of business. You may also set up locally at an establishment that will appreciate the niche traffic your workshop will bring to their place of business. Thankfully, many of these events are free (with book sales as the money earner). This is a marketing opportunity to upsell consulting or coaching services, or your regular business services. Indeed, you are the expert at the front of the room. Your products and services will nearly sell themselves in this environment!
Step 8 of Self Publishing Check list by Deborah S Nelson of Pubishing SOLO

Celebrity Status Can Boost Self Publishing Profits

As a published author, you are celebrity class. Even if only 100 people read your book, you will be seen as a local celebrity. To mazimize this, enhance your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and your dating profiles with your author status!

Most people are impressed with published authors; and rank you with a higher status in social circles. In addition, you will be invited to exclusive events, parties, and dinner parties. Consequently, you will want to update hairstyle, dress, and personal ambiance when attending these events. Remember, to bring a few copies of your books in case you meet someone you want to give an autographed copy of the book.

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Step 9 of The Self-Publishing Checklist by Deborah S Nelson


Media Publicity To Create Momentum

Harvest the opportunity to share your knowledge, wisdom, creativity, or expertise on local or national radio or television. It is up to you how far you want to take the momentum of becoming a published author.

Step 10 of Self-Publishing Checklist

Establish a Publishing Company & Increase Profits

Some people are so excited about becoming an author they start an independent publishing company. Once your first book is published, other book ideas often start to form. And, to ramp up  your self publishing profits, you may publish audio books, e-books, kindle books; and translate your books into other languages to market in other countries. Plus, knowing how to use digital publishing makes it fairly easy to start an independent publishing brand. In that way, you may publish many other works inexpensively and begin to develop a following for your body of work.

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Number 11 of 12 steps to increase self publishing profits

Advertising Vehicle for Business Products & Services

If you are in business, you may boost more self publishing profits by using your book to place ads at the end of your book, for your products and services. Many people in business publish a book to share their expertise through ads in the back of the book to entice readers to purchase additional products and services.

number 12 of 12 ways to increase publishing a book profits

Leaving a Legacy for Others is Priceless!

Many people want to publish a book solely to leave a legacy. The value of sharing a life of experiences, images, and wisdom with a generation yet to come–and no amount of money can offset this. Therefore, the ability to write and publish such a book affordably is priceless. This type of book can generate the most profit of all–a legacy of love left for those who remain behind.

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You Don’t Need to Be a Best Seller to Create Success with Self-Publishing a Book!

Ranking as a best-selling author is the desired ideal of traditional publishing houses. Notably, the need to publish at least 25,000 books (to make books affordable), while selling multitudes in order to be profitable–perpetuates the glamorization of best-selling author status.

Thus, with print on demand publishing so affordable (from “free” up to $2k per book to build the file); no one has to be a best seller! Self publishing profits on books are phenonmenal compared to royalties given by traditional pubishing company. When a self-published book is printed using print on demand for only $3.50 and sold for $19.95, these are well worth selling–and in most cases beat royalty amounts given by publishers.

Indeed, enhance your success by leveraging your new author status. This can increase income, exposure, and expertise to your desired your circle of influence. However, if you want to be a best-selling author, this is possible as well. A multitude of best-selling authors came throughh Amazon Books–enough to rival any top authors published traditionally. In summary, on demand book printing has changed the way book publishing functions, Therefore, now you, too can easily become a published author.

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