Do it Yourself Publishing kits
DIY Publishing Kits by Deborah S. Nelson of Publishing SOLO Magazine

What are “Publish a Book Kits”?

These are unique at-home self publishing courses designed to activate your dream to publish a book yourself! They offer the freedom and convenience of do-it-yourself format–plus include private publishing coaching sessions by Deborah S. Nelson, who has helped over 100 books to be published. Kits offered in Silver, Gold, and Platinum and include these basics:

Step #1 of Self-Publishing ChecklistText & Workbook shipped to you
Step 2 of Self Publishing Checklist with Publishing SOLOInstant Tools & Course Downloads
Self Publishing Checklist--Step 3Consult with Book Coach Deborah S. Nelson

Self Publishing Kits: Compact Self-Publishing Courses

Silver Self-Publishing Kits

What is stopping you from taking the first step to bring your dream to publish a book to reality? Time, Money, or Fear? Now, you can move past these obstacles with this self-publishing kit! These at-home silver level DIY self publishing courses, taught by Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson, lead you through! This basic publishing kit ignites your confidence–and takes you through the self-publishing process– step-by-step.

the Gold version of Ms. Deborah S. Nelson's Self Publishing Courses

Gold Self-Publishing Kits

This GOLD Self Publishing Kit will get you on the highway to self-publishing using print on demand. This means you can print just one book now, thus drastically reduces the investment in publishing your book. This unique self-publishing courses, under $200, is worth the cost of a private consultation of Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson, alone!

Top Self-Publishing Courses by Deborah s Nelson--Platinum DIY Self Publishing kits

Platinum Self-Publishing Kits

Want see your book as a paperback in a few months?Then, you are here not by coincidence! Deborah S. Nelson has already saved you money, time, and brain cells! She has made costly mistakes and you will benefit from her wisdom! This top-notch option in self publishing courses, offers DIY– but with the benefit of private publishing coaching by Deborah S. Nelson, Publishing Coach

Not Sure Yet? Have More Questions About Self Publishing Courses By Deborah S. Nelson? Try a Complimentary Publishing Coaching Session

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