My Life as a Self-Publishing Coach–Why I Do it and Why I Love it and How it Brings Me Joy!

Self-Publishing Coach Deborah S Nelson, Book Publishing Coach, Writer Coach, Ghost Writer

Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

Self-Publishing Coach:What is a Book Publishing Coach?

What is the role of a self-publishing coach? Those of us who are blessed with precious information, inspiration, and wisdom have been long deprived of sharing it in book form. But, now we easily and quickly publish with the guidance of a pro book coach. With Print on Demand, we can publish books on our own–without partnering with a tradtiional publishing house! Thankfully, we can save years of seeking a publisher, as well as own 100% of our rights and royalties by being our own publisher.

The Exhilaration of Being a Published Author!

Books have transformed my life, and inspired me to become a better person. Therefore, when I was able to publish the book that I hoped would inspire others–being published became the greatest elation of my life. Obviously, I will only personally experience that exhilaration once in my lifetime. Yet, each time my clients publish their books, I experience that exhilaration through them, once again. That is why I love being a publishing coach!

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Book Publishing has Changed Dramatically!

Independent publishing (or self-publishing) can be fast and easy–and even professionally done. That is, if we can overcome technological frustrations and challenges, and adhere to detailed publishing protocol. Notably, the learning curve can be a nightmare–perhaps one you choose not to handle.

This is where a book publishing coach can make a big difference. Publishing coaching is a new field that serves the self-publishing pool of writers who have always held onto the delicious dream of  becoming published authors. You don’t know what you don’t know! And, an experienced book publishing coach can guide you quickly and orderly to the finishing line. Indeed, a coach can save you from costly, frustrating mistakes involved in learning something new.

Vanity Publishing or Independent Publishing?

In the recent past, self-publishing was arrogantly labeled by those in the publishing community, as vanity publishing. This is because the scholarly culture surrounding traditional publishing took on a superior air, and is some ways, rightly so. If they decided not to publish your book, the general attitude was, how dare you publish without going through us!  In those days, they regarded those with the confidence and resources to print their own book, as inferior, or even desperate–and, of course vain!

The Thrill of Being a Self-Publishing Coach

My favorite aunt, a lifetime teacher, self-published a book during her golden years. I was so proud of her–not because her book was such an feat–but moreso, because as a scholar, she boldly pushed past the negative nuances of vanity publishing! Years later, inspired by her, I was energized to coach a multitude of writers to publish more than 100 books, through the self-publishing process.

Little Red Schoolhouse Independently Published

It took my aunt over a year publish that book. Yet, because it was for the preservation of “The Little Red Schoolhouse,” she tapped into community donations and resources. However, she experienced a long learning curve–even with all the help from the community. A determined, educated woman working on her doctorate’s degree in her fifties, she achieved this project against all odds.

That was about 20 years ago when digital publishing did not yet exist. Additionally, only a few had personal computers. My hero aunt funded the small print run of books, and offered them in the historical landmark tour of the school, for donations. Therefore, so impressed by her, I naturally wanted to follow in her steps! Following her steps lead me to my start self-publishing coaching company.

Print on Demand for Independent Publishing

Print on demand is the technical breakthrough which means writers do not need to fund an initial inventory of books. Consequently, the only real cost in publishing a book is the initial layout, design, and set up of the digital file which is the final digital representation of your book. Indeed, I can help you build that file–quickly, easily, and professionally. This is why I love being a book coach!

How We Begin the Steps to Publish Your Book

My work as a self-publishing coach begins with walking clients through the phases of self-publishing their books. Since I am an organized teacher, I make the process incrementally simple and doable. Therefore, once my clients finish with the steps to publish their book, they can hardly believe how simple it was. (not easy, but simplified!)

Why Money Concerns Will Not Block Your Dream to Publish a Book

Deborah S. Nelson, Author, Publisher, Speaker and BOOK COACHWhen I say I love being a book coach, I really do mean it. Thus, in this spirit of giving, I “gift” and offer 1/2 hour complimentary coaching sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12-6 p.m. EST. The truth is, I LOVE doing this–and you have no obligation to further engage me.

1/2 Hour Book Coaching Sessions by Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson

To schedule a coaching session with me, click below. I’ll get you going in the right direction and started off on the right foot. This is how book coaching brings me joy! Also, for those who feel they cannot afford a private book coach, I offer online self-publishing books, courses, self-publishing toolkit, and other resources and tips. These are all carefully designed to help you make real progress with your publishing dreams.


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Self Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Self-Publishing Coach?

A publishing coach guides, leads, teaches and implements the processes of publishing a book. Since you don’t know what you don’t know, a good book publishing coach can help save your money, time, and frustration of making common and costly mistakes. A good coach will save you more than the amount you paid. They hire subcontractors such as editors, book cover designers, and more; those of who are professional and affordably priced. Publishing without a coach can be a long and involved process as the knowledge required to publish a book professionally, is equivilant to at least an aa degree. Read more details at our FAQ: Frequently Asked Self-Publishing Questions.

What Does a Publishing Coach Do?

A publishing coach takes on the responsibility to professionally publish and make your book or creative works available for sale through distribution networks. A publishing coach takes on, or leads in the supervision of the design and layout of the book and book cover, the interior design to include the front and back matter, and setting up the title and copyright pages, as well as helping the client to solicit book reviews. A good publishing coach monitors all the various tasks in proper order, on budget, and on time. To learn more see the article entitled: What is Book Coaching & How Can a Book Coach Help Me Publish a Book?

What Are the Advantages of Self Publishing?

With self-publishing, writers are able to avoid the manuscript and rejection process. This is a top benefit, since it can take years to find a publisher, and in most cases–never! Another great advantage of self-publishing over traditional publishing is the full creative control. With a traditional publisher, they dictate many changes and corrections often greatly veering from your basic message and inspiration. Finally, the greatest advantage is that writers retain 100% of their rights and royalties! To learn more, read this article: Self-Publishing Success–For Love or Money?

What is Involved in Self-Publishing?

Self-publishing is an intense creative project. You may expect it to take at least 3 months to several years. This depends on many factors. Once you have written a book, you will next need to structure your book. This has to do with writing the front and back matter, such as Table of Contents, title page, preface, dedication, acknowledgments, index, resources just to name a very few. So before proceeding to publish, decide on and create these pieces. Then, the size of the book, number of pages, the general format of the interior need to be selected before choosing a printer. Another task necessary is editing, which likely needs to be hired professionally. Writers are not good at editing their own work. Having seen the work too long, they develop a certain blindness to errors. Finally, selecting a printer, proofreader, and choosing a distribution network are a few of the major tasks that need to be done. To really start to learn the self-publishing process, read this article: Self-Publishing Checklist by Deborah S. Nelson, Editor of PublishingSOLO Magazine.

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