5 Superb Benefits of Self-Publishing a Book

Benefits of Self-Publishing a Book

By Deborah S. Nelson

The Self-Publishing a Book Debate Ends Here!

What are the benefits of self-publishing a book? As a publishing and writing coach, I am often queried about the idea of self-publishing a book or e-book. Many writers hold that traditional publishing is the way to go. However, the evolution of digital publishing has begun to see the diminishing of traditional publishing more each day. With electronic book readers, the success of online booksellers; millionaire self-published authors surfacing–the traditional model of bookstores, book signings, and agents are quickly fading. This system relies on bookstores to make books sales and to work as the marketing arm.

Now that the majority of books are purchased online, this model is failing. With first-time authors practically begging to be published agents filled the role of screening and bringing talent to publishers. With the cost of publishing exponentially cheaper with print on demand, writers no longer need an agent to connect with the most unavailable traditional publishing companies. Yet, many writers are still attracted by the allure of becoming a best-selling author, making the TV and radio circuit, followed by book signings while backed by a large publishing house.

Are You Ready to be the Star of Your Own Show?

As self-publishing millionaires surface and online booksellers outpace their retail counterparts, traditional publishing houses that rely on bookstores to sell books are experiencing difficulty. Many have gone out of business or bought out by larger publishing houses. Borders completely shut its doors in 2011, nearly 400 stores, leaving only Barnes & Nobles almost the only outlet for marketing traditionally published books. Left only were about 1500 independent local book stores.

Many traditional publishers are more conservative than ever when selecting works to publish. With competition stiff against Amazon and other online booksellers, along with many people flocking to self-publishing, the traditional publisher must take on book projects that are “sure things,” such as a book written by an already well-known public figure. This leaves even less opportunity for a first-time writer to be published by a traditional publishing company. Even if a first-time author were to land a contract with a publishing house, the advances have dwindled to tiny amounts. Self-publishing a book becomes more attractive as time goes on.

Benefits of Self-Publishing a Book

Step #1 of Self-Publishing Checklist

SAVE TIME: Avoid the lengthy time involved in finding an agent to represent you to publishing companies. Many agents will expect you to have been previously published, so this is a tricky situation and a bit of a “Catch 22.” New writers may find that self-publishing a book will save them a lot of precious time.

Step 2 of Self Publishing Checklist with Publishing SOLO

SAVE REJECTION: One of the top benefits of self-publishing a book is skipping the rejection phase. Become your own self-publisher to avoid the lengthy rejection process and emotional turmoil involved before you may or may not find a publisher committed to publishing your book. Most often, their rejection has more to do with their assessment of their ability to make a profit on the book, than it has to do with the quality of your writing.

Self Publishing Checklist--Step 3

COPYRIGHTS: Keep your copyrights. When you sign with a traditional publisher, they own most of your copyrights most of the time. One of the most important benefits of self-publishing a book is that you own all your copyrights, forever!

Steo 4 of the Self Publishing Checklist by Deborah S. Nelson

CREATIVITY: As the author of a self-published book, you will enjoy complete creativity and the ability to harmonize the book cover, interior design elements, and images to your satisfaction. Your creative control is maximized and is a key benefit when self-publishing a book.

Step five of the Self Publishing Checklist.

ROYALTIES: 100% of royalties go to you. You do not split them with the publisher at all. Since you are the publisher, the self-publisher, you will receive all the royalties, and they will be much more than .25 per book.

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