Self-Publishing a Book:Videos and Tools

Self Publishing a Book

Self Publishing a Book: Getting Started off on the Right Foot

 Self-Publishing a Book is Art & Science–Tools to Start off on the Right Foot



By Deborah S. Nelson

Before jumping into self-publishing a book, it’s an excellent idea to learn what is involved. Publishing SOLO has prepared some informative curriculum and tools to help you get started on the right foot.

Here is a list of our resources and the order we suggest.


1. Self-Publishing a Book Videos–Introduction to Digital Publishing

For a simple and fun introduction about self-publishing a book, Publishing SOLO has produced these four videos entitled Once Upon a Book. Watch these four videos first to get a basic idea of what self-publishing a book is; and the compelling reasons to do so.


2. Intent to Self-Publish a Book Agreement

When traditional publishing houses decide to publish an author’s manuscript, an agreement is signed to initiate the book publishing project. I highly recommend to those of you who want to self-publishing a book. sign an agreement with yourself to propel yourself through the process. [aio_button align=”center” animation=”shake” color=”black” size=”small” icon=”heart” text=”DOWNLOAD Intent to Self-Publish Agreement” url=”″]

Ready, Set, Go!

Boost your earning power & social currency by becoming a published book author in record time.

3. Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms

A lot of times trouble, and needless expenses can be prevented by simply understanding the terms of self-publishing. A lot of people unknowingly use the wrong terms and end up confusing vendors, graphic artists, editors, and proof readers by using publishing terms incorrectly. Get the scoop right up front and learn basic publishing terms. You may download the Publishing SOLO Dictionary of Publishing Terms for free right here. This is a large file so please be patient and give it time to download.

4. Take a Self-Publishing Course or Hire a Publishing Coach

Honestly, this new era of digital publishing is often confusing. For example, “self-publishing” companies are not really self-publishing companies. They are printing companies, primarily. A self-publisher is an author (self) who takes on the responsibility of managing his or her own publishing process. Consider taking a self-publishing course to insure your success and to save thousands of dollars trying to successfully publish your book. Publishing SOLO offers a Publish Your Book Blueprint in 3 Days (online course) and complimentary 20-minute coaching sessions.
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