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Best and Worst Self Publishing Companies

Getting your Book Printed from Home

Smart Steps to Selecting Self-Publishing Companies to Print Your Book

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

There are thousands of online self-publishing companies. One of the most daunting of all the steps in the process of self-publishing your own book is selecting the printer to print your book.

Many people who have a dream to publish a book are now finding with digital publishing that their dream can come to reality. But self-publishing can also be a nightmare, if you do not know what you are doing, or if you have not counted the costs before jumping in!

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Counting the Costs of Self-Publishing

Before you start on this journey of self-publishing, it a smart idea to understand the real costs of self-publishing and printing your book from home on your laptop. This is an exciting idea, but most so-called self-publishing companies are mainly print on demand enterprises.

They advertise their printing services as “free,” and technically this is true, but once you get into the process, you will realize there are many other costs besides the actual printing. There is a big difference between just printing a book and self-publishing a book. It could cost from “almost free” (under $100) to $10,000 to self-publish a book depending on your do-it-yourself skill level and how complicated your book project is. Read my article that goes into details regarding the real self-publishing costs involved in printing your book at home.

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Steps to Selecting from Self-Publishing Companies

There are literally thousand of self-publishing companies. How can you choose? Which ones are the ones to avoid? Which self-publishing companies are the best?

Since being a self-publishing coach this is one of most asked questions. This is not that clear-cut. It really depends on three main factors:

  • simplicity or complexity of the book project
  • your skill level and understanding of the publishing process
  • customer service of the print on demand company

I addressed one writer who was struggling through the “self-publishing” processing for the first time.  Extremely frustrated and unhappy with the printer, the writer wanted to know a better option for printers for the future.  It turned out that the print on demand company they were using was my favorite one through which I have used to publish at least 20 books. And upon further investigation into their problem, I discovered that the problem was due to the writer’s lack of knowledge of basic industry principles. I explained that this is one of the best print on demand company in this industry; and that if you switch, you will have the exact same issues with any other printing company you select.

In order to be successful in self-publishing and selecting any printing company,  first realize there are certain steps you must take to prepare your book for printing. Every single printing company will need these done. I have written another article on the basic self-publishing steps that will help keep you from blaming others for your lack of knowledge.

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Last Considerations for Selecting Printing Companies

Before choosing, prepare yourself and educate yourself for the self-publishing process. Learn the main terms of the industry. Read our Dictionary of Publishing Terms. Understand all the different pieces and parts of publishing a book. Understand that printing a book is only one of the parts of what being a self-publisher involves.

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