Book Publishing Coaching Fees

Book Coaching By Deborah S Nelson, Indiependent publishing Coach

What to Get that Book PUBLISHED? Time to Get some Book Coaching Help

Retain 100% of Your Copyrights & Royalties with Book Coaching by Deborah S. Nelson

Single Session Rate: $195 per session (sessions are 1.5 hours)

Free Mini Book Coaching: 1/2 hr for $1 processing fee (trial session: limit ONE/client)

Intro Book Coaching: 3/4 hr for $25 (limit TWO/client)

Engaged to Be Published 10 hours–$477 (bundled book coaching)

Experience the exhilaration of BOOK COACHING during a trial session with Deborah S. Nelson. Click to schedule a complimentary 1/2 hour—available Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12p.m.-6p.m. EST.


One Year Publishing Coaching: Learn how to keep 100% of your rights and Royalties! This is for those who want to move into full time writing and self-publishing. 1 session (1.5 hours per week) 50 weeks a year: $2K. Goal is to help client become an independent publisher and move books though the book publishing cycle.

From writing to publishing to marketing. Ms Nelson teaches, client does most of the work. This is the best value package. You save thousands of dollars in research, avoid costly mistakes, and benefit from her professional connections, group and wholesale passed on to you, and includes co-marketing opportunities.

Ghost Publishing or Ghost Writing: WE WRITE AND OR PUBLISH YOUR BOOK, to Amazon International or other appropriate venue. Includes book cover design, interior design, content editing, copy editing, proofreading, ISBN Number, synopsis, author bio, author/publisher website, sales materials, basic search engine optimization for website, shopping cart for book sales on your website. You provide head shots, bank account for royalties, trade name for independent publishing company, and rough content for your website. Schedule a consultation with Deborah S. Nelson for a Quote. Timeline is 3-6 months, depending on size of project and response time of client through the various proofing phases. See following author testimonials:

Suzanne Landry, Author, The Passionate Vegetable, and Fresh Food Matters at THE FRESH FOOD CHEF

Julia Loggins, Author, Dare to Detoxify at DARE TO DETOXIFY

Cindy White, Author, The Ripple Effect Game, You Get There by Being There, and 101 Answers for My Beloved, GAME SHIFT PRESS Robert Munster, Who are We Really? Robert Munster’s OVER THE EDGE PUBLISHING

Maya Shaw Gale, Author, The Last Wild Place Your book must be completely written to qualify for bundled book project rates. Includes 10 hours per week of coaching and/or publishing efforts for ONE QUARTER. (A book can be completed in one quarter if production schedule is followed and with only one round of changes at each stage of production). This can be extended to two quarters if publishing efforts are going at a slower pace and, as per agreement.

Intent to Publish Agreement: Each client or student is required to sign the following statement. Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson intends to have you published in a reasonable time period. If the project goes over 1 year, there will be a review session in which a decision will be made if Deborah S. Nelson will continue. It should not take over one year to self-publish a book that has already been written.

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