Book Blueprint–Steps to Publishing a Book

Self Publishing a Book with Digital Publishing

By Deborah S. Nelson

Learn how to publish a book by actually doing it with the Book Blueprint, the ultimate in creativity.

Learn how to publish a book by actually doing it with the Book Blueprint, the ultimate in self-publishing creativity.

Like photography, music, and almost all of the creative publishing industries book publishing is moving from traditional publishing to digital publishing. Do you download songs from the Internet and listen to them on an electronic device? Have you ever bought sheet music online and printed it from your printer? Likewise with photos. If you are a publisher, writing a blog, or putting up an online magazine, you can go to a photo site and buy the best photo to illustrate your work. These are all examples of how the music and photography industries have been transformed by digital publishing.

Independent Book Publishing-Steps to Publishing a Book

Many people dream to publish a book but do not have the time or the know-how. Once out of reach of ordinary people, self-publishing a book is finally attainable through employing print on demand and digital graphics. Inspired and energetic self-published authors are creating best sellers and making real incomes. Once an industry moves into the digital age, the learning curve is steep for everyone, which levels the playing field. This makes it the perfect time to enter the industry, as the opportunity for success increases dramatically.


The Book Blueprint and Self-Publishing

The Book Blueprint was invented by Deborah S. Nelson to simplify the digital publishing process and to make publishing a book a creative and fun adventure. Similar to a blueprint for building a home, the book blueprint helps you to conceive and plan the entire book publishing project. As the self-publisher of your own book, you are taking on the role of general contractor, which is similar to building your own home.  Therefore the blueprint analogy works very well to help you understand the role of “publisher/general contractor” in the book publishing process. One of the most important basics to recognize before you take on the project of publishing your own book is to know that publishing is not synonymous with printing!  Do not confuse the two. As Publisher, you will select on the printer you will use to print your book. Publishing encompasses far more than simply printing the book. Just as building a house encompasses far more that putting on the roof, be aware that there is much more preparation that needs to be completed before printing your book.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

How the Book Blueprint Works

With the book blueprint, you learn by doing. The book blueprint curriculum comes in various forms, depending on your comfort level. Publishing a book blueprint does not require your completed manuscript. In fact, it is better if your manuscript is not completed because you can formulate how your book will look, flow, and feel with the book blueprint. When your book blueprint is complete, you will have an overall understanding of the steps involved with digital publishing as well a visual concept of your book project. Use this as the planning phase and the creative structure for your book project-Parts of a Published Book.

One of the first things I recommend to writers who come to me with their published manuscript is that now that their book is written, they are finished with phase 1.  Phase Two begins the publishing process and phase Three is the marketing aspect. In Phase Two, the preparation for publishing begins. Once you have written your book, you are actually not quite finished with the writing. Just like laying a foundation to build a home, you must lay the foundation for printing your book. The Introduction, Title Page, Acknowledgements, Copyright Page, Preface, Foreword, Table of Contents, About the Author, Resources, End Notes and Footnotes, Illustrations, Ads for Author Services and other books by the same author, are only some of the components that need to be carefully prepared prior to printing your book. In addition, you’ll need a very attractive book cover. The book cover includes the front cover and a back cover. On the back cover you will need an author headshot, author bio, and compellingly written synopsis of your book! Furthermore, you will need a final marketable title, a subtitle, an ISBN number, and a BISAC code.

The book blueprint conveniently defines and orders the parts of a book in proper chronological order. The book blueprint course or book walks you through the digital publishing steps one at a time. When you are finished with your book blueprint, you will have an ISBN number, a book title set up in your own print on demand account, and of course you’ll have a copy of your book blueprint with a journal-style interior. This interior will allow you to fill in the blanks as you complete your book. If your manuscript is already completed, you simply use the journal to complete the other pieces including the front matter and the back matter. The Table of Contents will also help you to organize or reorganized the flow of your book.

You are the Architect of Your Self-Published Book

As the self-publisher or independent publisher of your own book, you are the architect of your book. You earn the freedom to select the cover design, and to create the interior elements, design and images of your book. You own all of your copyrights and do not share the royalties with the printer, publisher, agent, or any one else, except for perhaps the online bookseller, such as Amazon, or other bookseller organizations. You will also be responsible for marketing your book, which is yet another phase. The amazing and wonderful aspect of publishing your own book is the potential for synergistic creatively throughout the project. You are the architect of your own book!

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