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Steps to writing and publishing a book by Publishing Solo

Are you a “closet writer” who dreams of learning how to publish a book yourself—but don’t have time or know-how?

Learn How to Publish a Book Yourself

by Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

This award-winning website (publishing SOLO was named a top self-publishing site in 2014) is dedicated to the intriguing subject, of how to publish a book yourself. With digital publishing coming to the forefront now, energetic self-published authors are creating bestsellers and earning real incomes, even millions. To overcome the steep learning curve of how to publish a book, Publishing SOLO provides quality resources—including self-publishing tips, books, courses, and private coaching for Do-it-Yourself Publishing.  Once out of reach of ordinary people, publishing a book can be done professionally and affordably with print on demand and digital graphics.

At you will discover many free DIY publishing tools which are not available anywhere else. Publishing SOLO’s self-publishing toolkit includes the Intent to Self-Publish Agreement, Dictionary of Publishing Terms, and important information to protect you from scam self-publishing companies and overpriced self-publishing services.

Publishing SOLO: DIY Publishing Kits Start at $97 with Deborah S. Nelson (how to self-publish a book yourself)

Easy Publishing Systems Means Professional Self-Published Books

With a portfolio of 100+ books published by first-time authors, Deborah S. Nelson, Founder, is a seasoned author and self-publisher.  She ignites writers with confidence and enthusiasm during their process of becoming a published author. Guided by her self-publishing system, writers take easy self-publishing steps to self-publishing success. Because Publishing SOLO only teaches self-publishing and does not push and pedal added services, authors keep all copyrights and royalties! Client’s books are available on Amazon Books, Kindle, and many other online booksellers. Once you make a decision to learn how to publish your own book, whether you need DIY publishing, or done for you publishing, Publishing SOLO is your safest choice.

DIY Digital Curriculum: Jump-start Your Publishing Journey!Publishing SOLO Teaches You How to Publish a Book Yourself

When you make the decision to publish a book yourself, you embark on a challenging self-transformation process. Putting your innermost thoughts and creativity out for all the world to see is normally an intimidating process. This effort takes overcoming personal fears and vulnerabilities. As Ms. Nelson, her clients, and published authors can attest, the benefits are well worth the effort. If you want to know more, go to our testimonials area to see written and video testimonials of successful self-published authors.

Complimentary Self Publishing Toolkit

Self publishing Toolkit by Publishing SOLO

Also, many of our family of authors publish to Blurb and Amazon books. See our Author Library which shows the books they have published.  be sure to join Publishing SOLO to get support and also our complimentary self-publishing toolkit before starting your book publishing project. And one last thing. Ms. Nelson gives no-obligation complimentary publishing coaching sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Experience the exhilaration of BOOK COACHING during a trial session with Deborah S. Nelson. Click to schedule a complimentary 1/2 hour—available Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12 p.m.-6 p.m. EST.

Publish your Book Blueprint by Deborah S Nelson

Have a Dream to Publish a Book—
But Lack the Time or Know-How?

Look no further. This potent detailed DIY publishing guide grants you the time and know-how. Learn how to self-publish a book by doing it! Once you become a published author, friends, family, and peers see you in a whole new light! This unique system propels both aspiring and seasoned authors through digital publishing step-by-step. You won’t even need your completed manuscript to start!

Includes downloadable template
Free ISBN number & POD account
10 steps to print on demand publishing
Displays book parts in chronological order
Publish your book blueprint proof in a week

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