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set your dream to publish on fire with How to Publish a Book kits created by Publishing SOLO
Publish a Book Kits offer Tools, Books, Courses, and Coaching by Publishing SOLO
By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

Win at Publishing with How to Publish a Book Kits

What are How to Publish a Book Kits? I know someone who has created these just for aspiring authors. If publishing a book is on your bucket list, you must read on!

POD Printing, Self Publishing and Indie Publishing

Considering it has been a little over a decade since the introduction of print on demand, publishing a book yourself is now a real option for new and seasoned writers. Just as online dating was marginal at first, now we no longer call it “online dating.” Online dating today is just dating someone you met online. Publishing a book is heading that way and soon, it will be totally acceptable to publish a book using online sources. No longer will there be a stigma attached to “vanity or self-publishing.”

Learn How to Be Your Own Publisher with DIY Kits

Although publishing a book online to Amazon Books has become affordable and doable, technical difficulties will arise. For example, you must create the book cover to the exact file specifications required by print on demand. The truth is, if you are unfamiliar with graphic arts and digital files, these specifications could literally cause you to “tear your hair out.”

Additionally, doing the interior layout of the book is even more challenging. For example, you need to consider the placement of all the front matter and back matter. Plus, what are the front matter and back matter? Briefly, that includes the Table of Contents, title pages, Acknowledgements, Dedication, Index, Resources, to name only a few. The interior must also include headings, and page numbers, and Chapter heads. Indeed, this is very complicated even for a seasoned graphic artist who has not done interior book cover design and layout before.

Do it Yourself Publishing Kits by Deborah S Nelson and Publishing SOLO

Honeymoon Over–Publishing a Book Not that Easy

Once reality hits, these are just a few of the difficulties that a novice may find difficult to overcome. After all, a new writer may have already spent a year or more in writing the book. Now, this daunting self-publishing aspect could take another year or longer, if you, as the writer, need to learn all these things.

The best option is to hire a book publishing coach or take a workshop. Although doing it this way may save thousands of dollars and months and years of your time, it tends to be a little pricey. However, you may not have that kind of money to invest in the first place.

Less Pricey than Most Self Publishing Education

Publish a  Book Kits by Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

I created the new How to Publish a Book kit. This was after I had guided writers and their 100 plus new books through the self-publishing process. From this experience, I learned that self-publishing a book boiled down to a few basic steps which cause many aspiring authors to stumble and fail. We breeze through these with the kits.

Do You Know How to Get an ISBN for Free?

For example, most writers lack certain knowledge in this process and believe they must buy an ISBN number or even 10 of them. This is an unnecessary cost as you can get them for free. Indeed, this is just one small example, and Publish a Book Kits educates new writers on how to make better decisions in their self-publishing process. Therefore, this small investment will save hundreds or thousands of dollars in common mistakes.

Of course, you may prefer to skip the time and effort of the self-publishing learning curve. If you are a rising influencer, celebrity, or simply a busy person, you can hire a ghostwriter to help write and self-publish your book.

How to Publish a Book Kits—5 Spectacular Options

Publissh Your book Blueprint included in DIY Publish a Book Kits

Workshops, seminars, courses, self-publishing books, and a self-publishing coach are excellent options. However, these may be too costly for many new writers. Therefore, is suggest you consider one of my How to Publish a Book kits, with an average cost of less than 1 hour of book publishing coaching. These include the following:

DIY Publishing Kits
Flash Book Writing Kits
Blastoff Self Publishing Kits
The Newest Secret Vision Kits
Change Your Story Vision Kits

Vision Books Boost Your Dream to Publish a Book!

Much like a vision board, The Newest Secret and Change your Story Vision kits teach how to self-publish a basic storybook with pictures. Indeed, these programs deeply psychologically, and spiritually prepare you to become a published author. In addition, they are super easy and fun. Notably, The Flash Book Writing Kit is focused on helping you to write your book, or finish writing your book to make it ready for publishing!

In summary, How to Publish a Book Kits include:

  • A Text book and a workbook, Written by Deborah S Nelson
  • Instantly downloadable Mini courses
  • Consultation with Self-Publishing Coach and Author Deborah S Nelson

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