On Demand Book Printing—12 Money Motives to Publish a Book Yourself

Process of printing a book from Lapto to ebook.

On Demand Book Printing Fulfills a Dream to Publish Your Own Book & 12 Reasons to Try it.

A dream to publish your own book is one of the most common unfulfilled dreams. As a book coach, I cannot count the times a friend, family member, or stranger has said: “I’ve always wanted to publish my own book!” Indeed, that was sad to hear—knowing that their dream to publish was likely to remain unfulfilled.

However, this is no longer true with digital publishing (on-demand book printing)! I have experienced the exhilaration, honor, and privilege of self-publishing a dozen of my own books! As a published author, my life has taken a whole new direction. Now, do not get me wrong … learning on-demand book printing was no picnic. Mastering the skills needed to self-publish a book required blood, sweat, and tears. But, knowing what I know now, I can easily teach you how to publish your own book.

I worked in the printing, book publishing, and advertising industries for decades. While on “the inside” of a traditional book publishing company for many years, I learned quite a bit. I was the “mean one” who scanned the hundreds of want-to-be-book manuscripts. Unfortunately, I was the one who sent the rejection letters as well.

Because I received many submissions daily, a needed to create a form letter to answer all the submissions! As a writer myself, this part of my position had a profound effect on me. My heart fell, in playing even a small part of these unfulfilled publishing dreams. So when I realized that the publishing industry was following the music and photography industries by “going digital,” I jumped right in!

Short Run Book Printing and the On Demand Book Printing Digital System!

Some of you have heard of print-on-demand publishing, often called POD for short, and also known as “on-demand book printing.” I heard about POD about 15 years ago when I received a request for a quote for a short-run book printing project in my advertising and printing business.

I knew that the offset printing run required would be far too expensive. So, I called a colleague, who handled short-run book printing for a pastor client. She kindly shared a new digital printing press, an on-demand book printing machine in Denver, which required a digital file to completed book form—the first “digital printing press” of the time!

By then, the printing industry had transitioned to working with digital art files; so digital printing was the next logical step. I was impressed—just one step with one company—and the book was complete. They did the printing, cutting, binding, and included the four-color front cover as well!

Normal book printing prior to digital printing took at least 7 steps. To us at the time, this printing press was like an espresso book machine. Plus, the price is about 25% of the cost of self-publishing a book! This made such an impression, that I joined the digital publishing revolution. I learned how to use on-demand book printing and never looked back.

Traditional Book Publishing vs. Digital Book Publishing

When trying to land a deal with traditional publishing in the old days, we would write a book or book proposal and then send by snail mail to a traditional publishing house. At that time, we had to also include a self-addressed self-stamped manila envelope for the return of the manuscript. So, this entire process took from 1-3 years, plus included hundreds of rejection letters. Once accepted, the book would take another 1-2 years to publish. In all, 3-5 years could pass before you could see your book in print!

It is possible to publish an edited and proofread manuscript for sale at Amazon in a matter of weeks. Therefore, instead of visiting bookstores for book signings, your books are sold online, in the company of 73% of all physical books also being sold online. One of the fastest methods to prepare a book for print is to hire a professional ghostwriter to help write and publish your book.

Top on Demand Book Printing Companies—Amazon and Lulu Self-Publishing

Book Publishing-A Dream Come true
On Demand Book Printing Launches Your Dream to Publish a Book.

The print-on-demand book printing model means that your book resides on a digital file until a reader places an order. You need not print a large number of books to make one book affordable, as is the case in traditional publishing. The basic model of print-on-demand printing is that your book is printed only when someone buys it!

For most book projects, I suggest that you try on-demand book printing with Amazon or Lulu self-publishing. However, if four-color on-demand photo book printing is necessary, try Blurb books—at least for the first round. Then, you may use other print companies which specialize in short in four-color printing. These companies mentioned are the early players and are highly organized with the best customer service. Once someone places an order for 1 or more books, the book will print and ship within days. Resultingly, the retail price less a commission is your profit, for book sales made at the front end of Amazon Books, Lulu or Blurb. Remember to avoid self-publishing companies without an established reputation.

12 Profit Motives to Publish Your Own Book with on Demand Book Printing

Step #1 of Self-Publishing Checklist

Authentic Self Confidence

When your dream to become a published author is fulfilled, expect a surge of self-confidence. However, this is not the “fake it until you make it,” type of self-confidence, but well-earned and truly authentic. You have articulated your truth, expertise, and even your heart, to your circle of influence. Creating genuine self-confidence boosts the momentum of a stalled career, a lackluster social life, or an injured self-esteem. Organizing and articulating your expertise, creativity, or personal story will boost your personal and professional image.

Step 2 of Self Publishing Checklist with Publishing SOLO

Give Yourself a Raise

Once you become published, give yourself a raise! Here’s how. When you provide a product or service, include a free autographed copy of your book. For example, as an electrician, you have published a book: “Do it Yourself Wiring for Room Additions,” raise your rates 10-20%—a few months after most of your clients own a copy of your book. Or, just throw a book signing event, and invite all your big-time clients and have them bring a friend! See what extra services you can sell at that event.

Self Publishing Checklist--Step 3

Offer Consulting Services

An easy way to earn extra money for a published author is to offer consultation services. Indeed, consultants and coaches charge $100 an hour or more, for guidance, expertise, and experience. With a published book in your field, your knowledge can save novices thousands of dollars.

Steo 4 of the Self Publishing Checklist by Deborah S. Nelson

Speaking Engagements

To achieve best-selling author status is not always the end game in self-publishing. In addition, speaking engagements can command fees (from a small stipend) to unfathomable amounts. When you speak for free at a local event, simply ask to offer books for sale at the back of the room. You are likely to earn a few hundred dollars for a few hours of time. Notably, most speaking bureaus require you to be a published author before accepting you to join them. TO BE CONTINUED.

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