LIBIRO: New Outlet for Self Published E-books

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher Publishing SOLO & VRTG

Many talented writers have written amazing stories that unfortunately do not see the light of day. Why? Publishing houses choose who will be published as well as who will not be published. Truth be known, most author (or book) selections are primarily a financial decision. That is in the past now. Everyday more exciting opportunities for people to become published authors are showing up in the digital publishing era. Libiro recognizes this inequality and has decided to put their money and incredible influence into giving Indie e-book authors a fighting chance. Libiro is an exciting new online self publishing platform where emerging independent authors can market their self published e-books.

Self-published author Ben Galley and designer Teague Fullick have launched a new e-book store, Libiro, to provide independent authors and small presses with an alternative to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.

“Libiro devotes its shelf-space entirely to self-published and small press titles,” says Galley. “To authors, we’re a marketplace for their books and a platform that can help them make waves. And to readers, we’re an exciting place to shop, providing the latest indie talent and exhibiting what indie authors are capable of.”

Galley says he started Libiro to try and combat the stigma surrounding indie and small press titles. “The opinion is that these books are all of terrible quality,” he says, “simply because they haven’t seen the inside of a big publishing house. I’ve always been on a mission to quash this stigma, because it simply isn’t true. Libiro, being a purely indie store, can showcase the indie market, offering readers an opportunity to see what we’re really made of!

“At stores like Amazon, quality indie authors can often struggle to get noticed amongst the crowd, especially when they don’t have the marketing budgets of the big publishing houses. The point is that indie literature is exciting — it can be raw, it can be fresh, and it can be just as good as traditional literature. We want Libiro to be the go-to place for readers wondering what indie authors are all about. We want to create our own bestsellers.”

If, as an author, you are wondering why you should put your book on Libiro, Galley has a short answer: Higher royalties. Libiro offers an 80 percent royalty as standard, regardless of book length or price. Galley think this will attract authors who are looking to earn more.

“Simply put,” he says, “authors can make more with Libiro. It’s also worth noting that we don’t price match or adjust any prices whatsoever. What the author sets, the author sells at.” Read More here:

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