Learn How to Write a Book-Step 1 Self-Publish

Learn How to Write a Book-Step 1

By Deborah S. Nelson

Learn how to Write a book and get it published

Learn to How to Write a Book with Passion!

Now that digital publishing has become viable, many people are considering self-publishing. But they have questions about diving into the process of digital publishing, the first of which is: How do I become a writer? Last night I was at a dinner, and the young man I was sitting next to brought up the subject of writing. He said a very common thing. “I would love to write, but I don’t think I have the skills.”  I could feel his passion and desire for writing. People tend to think they need to be a scholar with perfect English skills in order to write. This is just not true. Many people have “written” and published books, without even being able to write.  Nearly anyone can learn how to write a book.

What are the Parts of Writing?

There are two basic parts to writing: the art of writing and the skill of writing. Learning the or hiring the skill of writing is the easy part. Many people hire ghost writers to do their writing for them. There are authors who speak their manuscript into a recorder, which is then transposed to a Word Document, which is then given to the layout artist in preparation for publishing. Most corporate websites are written by hired writers, who know the skill of writing. If you are proficient in the skill of writing but have nothing to say, that will take you only so far. If you have something to say and share and you are passionate about it, then you are aligned with the art of writing. To write a good book that is worth publishing, and sharing, you will need to practice the art of writing. Whether fiction or non-fiction, you will need a story to tell.

Learn How to Write a Book: Getting Started

Practice. Practice. Practice. This is the best way to learn how to write a book. But how to start? The easiest way to start writing now is to get a journal. If possible, get a journal that is lockable. This is your personal journal and it is not meant for others to read. At some point, you may use some of the writing for other uses, but when you first start to write, it is key that you write only for yourself.  If you are better writing on a computer, start with a word document, and journal to your laptop. Write on a consistent basis, once a week, once a day, or once a month, whatever it is, be consistent. Keep these five points in mind:

  1. Tell the Story: When writing, focus on telling your story. Everything is a story, sometimes there are stories within stories.
  2. Let it Flow: When writing, do not worry about spelling, punctuation, neatness. Just write. Write, Write, Write!
  3. Write Like You Speak: Be present when writing and envision a story from your day you want to share with yourself.
  4. Practice the Game: Everything and anything that you want to learn to do simply requires practice.
  5. Dump Perfectionism: In the field of publishing, editors, copy editors, designers, and proof readers at the perfectionists. They clean up. You job is to tell the story, to teach the method, to entertain your readers. Forget about being perfect.
  6. Write One Chapter at a Time: If you focus on one blog article, or one chapter at a time, before you know it you will have written 12 -15 chapters and that is enough for a book.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

How to Organize Your Writing

Once your writing begins to flow, and articles or chapters are starting to pile up, organize your writing. If you are writing on a computer, save your writing to a certain file. I create a file for each book that I am in the process of writing. I do not write one book at a time, because I usually have several books in process. If you are writing in journals, you’ll sooner or later want to take some or all of that material and type it into a Word Document. Word is the word processing is the standard software used for writing and publishing. From Word it is easy to create an e-book, or a published printed book that can be sold on Amazon. Each of my book files contains 3 files: interior manuscript, book cover, and images. These are the three main parts to the book, and if you organized your WORD files this way, it will be much easier when you get ready to publish. Stay patient with yourself as you learn how to write a book, as it takes time to really master any art or skill. Organization will help you progess faster.

Publishing a Book

It won’t take long of writing consistently and you’ll be ready to publish a book. Not only can you easily learn how to write a book but you can learn how to self-publish a book, as well. Self-publishing is a great option for first-time authors. Realize there are three parts to bringing a book into the world: Writing the book, Publishing the book, and marketing the book. Sometimes people do not feel it necessary to sell or market their book, but at least publishing the book so they can leave it as a legacy to their family and friends is an important thing to do. Publishing SOLO offers many tips, tricks, tools, books and courses on this site to teach you how to self-publish. Once you get ready to self-publish the first thing to do is to sign an Intent to Self-Publish Agreement with yourself. When a traditional publishing company signs an author, the first they do is draw up a contract. If you are self-publishing, you’ll want to do the same. This sets the tone for deadlines, and for the serious commitment that publishing a book really is. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Have a Dream to Publish a Book—

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