What is Print on Demand?

You've always wanted to publish a book, but never had the time; or the know-how.
Imagine how great you will feel when your book is finally published!
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Print on Demand Eliminates Rejection Letters

—05-06-2019, Col Sgs., CO  TO: Author in the Making  FROM: Deborah S.Nelson, Publishing Coach


Deborah S. Nelson, Author, Publish Your Book Blueprint

Deborah S Nelson, Author-Publishing Coach-Speaker

Do you have a dream to publish a book? Perhaps you've been carrying the dream to publish a book for 10, 20, or 30 years. It's a heavy burden, right?

That was me 4 years ago, and so I know how it feels to have a strong unfulfilled desire to publish. Like me, you may have spent years writing your manuscript. After decades of dreaming about publishing a book, I was starting to feel foolish; and beginning to feel like my dream to publish would never come true.

But right before giving up, I stumbled across a new, almost secret, publishing method brought to us by the digital age. As you read this entire article you will discover the beauty and the simplicity of this amazing digital development called Print on Demand.

What does this mean? It means ordinary people like you and me can be published, authors!


Keep 100% of Your Royalties & Copyrights

As you read on, you will learn of a publishing venue that allows you to own 100% of your copyrights and earn 100% royalties on books you sell yourself! This is unheard of in traditional publishing.

For years, I worked inside the publishing business; and knew first-hand how “impossible” it was to become a published author.

You see, I was the “mean one” inside the publishing company—the one responsible for writing all the rejection letters. Thousands upon thousands of manuscripts were submitted to the publishing company by hopeful and aspiring writers.

They stacked up regularly in the corner of my office all the way up to the ceiling! Many books were wonderfully well-written, and during the years I worked in publishing, I read and scanned thousands, perhaps up to 20,000 manuscripts.

As an editorial assistant, only one book in all those years I personally selected made it all the way through the system to publication! As a  hopeful "wanna-be author," even though I was on the inside, the whole process sickened me. And through this hands-on experience, I realized that getting published was truly a "needle in a haystack” proposition.

If you are anything like me and don't like the feeling of rejection, when I found Print on Demand publishing, I was ECSTATIC!

Avoid the Manuscript Submission Process

Finally! There's a way for you to bypass the painful manuscript submission process to get your book published! And because of your dedication in reading this far, you will get a powerful gift to activate your self-publishing journey when you reach the end of this presentation.

To finish this story, I was so excited to escape this humiliating process that I eagerly and went to work. Within 4 years, I had written and self-published 11 books. As someone with publishing, advertising and printing background, luckily I was able to navigate through all the frustrating kinks and quirks of digital publishing!

Now as a publishing coach, I help others to bring books into the world in the most creative and cost-effective way possible. There is no better feeling than being a published author, and helping others to achieve that great feeling too. It’s what gets me up in the early mornings and makes me thankful to be alive!

Using this valuable experience, I've created a step-by-step publishing curriculum.
You too can enjoy the life-changing experience of becoming a published author.
Listen, as Cindy White shares her excitement...


"You're a good writer (even great) but without being published, who will ever know?
With digital publishing, you'll never get rejected; and you'll be a published author!"

The New Print on Demand Publishing Method

Stop jumping through the old-school publishing hoops with their unfair profit margins.
Digital publishing puts you in the driver's seat!  With digital publishing you will:

ELIMINATE the humiliating manuscript submission process

EXERCISE complete creative control of your content

OWN 100% of your intellectual copyrights

EARN royalties of 60% and more!

BE published in record time

Julia Loggins describes how fun and easy the publishing process is using
Deborah S, Nelson's step-by-step self-publishing curriculum:


Financial Benefits of Being a Published Author

AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE: Expect a surge in confidence which can increase by 25, 50 or 100%. More confidence translates into more earning power.

CELEBRITY STATUS: Friends, family, community and business associates see you in a new whole light. You'll be invited to more social and business events than ever. More connections mean more money.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: As a published author, you may be invited to speak; speaking agents and bureaus may even list or promote you. This can earn you speaking remuneration.

CONSULTING FEES: You will be seen as an expert in the area you have written about. Hire out as a consultant and charge a generous fee for your knowledge and services.

MEDIA ATTENTION: As a published author, you may seek or be invited for interviews on radio, TV, and in print. You can expect a jump in your book sales right after a media interview.

MORE MONEY: As a published author, your career or business will gain credibility and visibility so you'll easily be able to command more money. This course pays for itself!

Maya Shaw Gale explains how being a published author enhances her business:

Personal Development Benefits

ACTIVATE YOUR CREATIVITY Creativity dried up? Publish a book to awaken your genius zone;

PROCESS & RECOVER personal crisis by creating a book around a life-changing event;

DISCOVER & DEFINE a new career direction and publish the plan for achieving it;

LEAVE A LEGACY for your family of important stories and historical chronology;

PUBLISH A BOOK  PROPOSAL for submission to a traditional publishing company;

PUBLISH & COPYRIGHT a screenplay to present to filmmakers and funding sources;

CREATE & PUBLISH a personal vision book with new goals and a plan for achieving them.

Angela Von Strausenberg appreciates the personal development aspects of this self-publishing curriculum:

Deborah S. Nelson, Author, Publish Your Book Blueprint

Deborah S. Nelson, Author

DEBORAH S. NELSONPSGCover-3D-transparent-background-07-31-2013Publish your Book Blueprint by Deborah S Nelson

Author & Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson's self-publishing curriculum has taken many first-time authors through the digital publishing journey to publishing some 100 books. Many students & clients are publishing 2nd & 3rd books! Author of 11 self-published books, Ms. Nelson is creating her most exciting book yet: THE SOLO PUBLISHING GUIDE: Publish Your Book to Ignite Yourself & Your Fortune, to be released Fall of 2014.

Claim Your Free Gift Now!

You have read all the way through this presentation, and you know I am dead serious about preparing writers to get to the finishing line! It is my passion and calling to launch more new published authors than anyone publishing coach has ever done. Because you have read this far, you are serious about publishing your book and just like me, you will do "whatever it takes!" No matter what your age, don't worry if you aren't published yet, it took me 30 years to fulfill my dream to publish. But now, with Print on Demand publishing and my step-by-step instructions, you'll publish your book blueprint in just 3 days!

Regardless of your buying decision today, I want to help you launch your dream to publish now!

Take the first step right now, for free! What are you waiting for? Download this Intent to Self-Publish Agreement, THE most powerful step in the Self-Publishing process. When traditional publishing companies accept a manuscript for publication, an agreement is signed. So do yourself a favor and, take this first step and sign an agreement with yourself! IT COSTS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and will propel you to honor your dream to publish your book before you die. Jump on our mailing list to get this self-publishing form for free (Step 1). You'll also find out about Step 2, another free bonus!

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If you are registering for the class, this is your first homework assignment. But we do something even more powerful, we post our Intent to Self-Publish Statement on the Publishing SOLO site. I highly encourage you to do this immediately:

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When You Register for the
Publish Your Book Blueprint Online Course

02-TNS-cover-transparent-12-08-13When you register for my course you will also receive the ADVANCED DIGITAL VERSION ($40 value) of my latest book, The Newest Secret (List Price paperback $19.95 and digital version $39.95). This is a great way to prepare for the course. In fact, you will get a copy of the PUBLISH YOUR BOOK BLUEPRINT E-Book one week before the course starts: and a copy of THE NEWEST SECRET immediately after you register. The course begins in November (don't worry—each class session is recorded—download the entire 3-day course and do it any time you want on your own). With The Newest Secret and Publish Your Book Blueprint you can get started right away preparing yourself and your book for publishing! See you in class in November!


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Comes With 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Publish your Book Blueprint by Deborah S NelsonListen: I don't care if it's one hour from now, or 3 weeks from now - if you ain't happy, I ain't happy. Purchase right now. Try it out. If you like it, great! We exchanged a small amount of money for a large amount of value. Awesome!

If it's not for you, don't even give me a reason why you want your money back.

Just ask for it - and it will be returned promptly and quietly to you. Plus, we can still be friends. By the way, here is our support desk should you need to request a refund or need any product assistance at all with your purchase today. And keep The Newest Secret. It's our gift to you!


You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!


Self-Publishing Tips and tool kit


P.S. Not quite ready to take a Publishing SOLO SSL CerficateCourse? That's OK, we understand. But be sure to download our complementary Self-Publishing Toolkit and launch your dream to publish a book today!


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