Independent Authors Say Self-Publishing Works

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher Publishing SOLO & VRTG
independent authors and self-publishing

Independent Authors are Finding Success in Self-Publishing

With print on demand,, the demise of Borders, and big changes with traditional publishing houses, independent authors have become a growing force during the past 4 years. Like indie musicians, these authors are enjoying unprecedented success using digital tools and distribution options at their fingertips. The ability to be fully creative, connect directly with readers, and the right to control the content of their writing are some of the benefits of leaving traditional publishing behind to become an independent publisher and author.

One of the greatest benefits is the ability to invest “rejection energy” into creative energy. The manuscript submission process can take years, and many prolific authors will publish several books in the time it takes to see one book go through the entire submission process using traditional publishing. I have written and published a total of 11 books in 3 years, and 3 of them are selling regularly, affording me the opportunity to market the other books. I am not a best-selling author (yet) but making a living from writing and publishing efforts. See the rest of the article in the (a top 100 website), reports an article in the Tampa Bay Book Examiner who interviewed 3 successful independent authors for an August 23rd front cover story:

Over the past five years, anyone who loves to read or write has witnessed radical changes in the publishing world.

Most of the old “brick and mortar” bookstores are gone and even the big conglomerates are struggling to survive.

The proliferation of Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, has made going to buy a new book obsolete and is rapidly changing how books are written and published, as well.

For the fledgling author, sick of rejections and tired of waiting for their big break, independent publishing via Amazon, and a couple of other sites, has become more than a viable alternative.

Users friendly, these sites allow the author complete creative and marketing control over their work. It is a freedom many in the publishing industry have never known and, frankly, now envy.

The “Tampa Bay Book Examiner” decided to ask a few “Indie-authors”, of varying degrees of success, why they decided to take this route.

Joe Bruno’s books are consistently in the top 100 on Amazon in the genre “Organized Crime.” In fact, on Wednesday, the author had 6 books in the top 20, and five more in the top 80.

Greg Wiliey is the author of the Young Adult series, “The Life and Un-Death of Mortimer Drake” a four book set, he has seen his sales steadily increase since the use of a professional editor and artist.

Becket Gioto is new to indie-publishing. His new novel, “The Blood Vivicanti”, has just been released as a monthly serial and is rising steadily up the charts.

All three have regular jobs and share the same dream of getting good reviews, satisfying readers and selling books.

Here are their answers:

1-Why did you decide to “indie-publish”?

Joe Bruno –

Because I was tired of getting the run-around from agents, who supposedly had contacts in publishing companies. I had about 6-7 agents from the mid 80’s and they were so good, I can’t even remember their names. Now I’m my own boss. I write what I want, and I publish everything on Kindle Select. To paraphrase a line from The Treasure of Sierra Madre- “I don’t need no stinkin’ agants; don’t need no stinkin’ publishing companies.”

Becket –

For years my goal was to be published by a publishing house. And for years, I’d been sending manuscript after manuscript to publishing house after publishing house, editor after editor, agent after agent. And for years, I’d received nothing but rejections — except once. For a year between 2012 – 2013, I had a wonderful agent. She worked hard to sell one of my manuscripts. But no one was buying.  (See more)

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