See our ideas for your multi-dimensional brand! The gif logos below will automatically load when built into your web properties. However, for these practice concepts, click on each image area to activate the motion.


After one mis-start and many creative sessions, plus developing hundreds of logos and brands over the decades, we realized that your brand needs to be multi-dimensional. In addition, with the caveat that most, if not all, of your brand will be online, we concluded that a moving logo brand will be the most sophisticated solution.


We created five branded gif concepts. Once a concept is approved we can proceed and complete the “sleek and sophisticated” part of the logo. Perfecting a professional logo takes hours—and we do not have time or budget to perfect five concepts at this moment. In fact, even creating these concepts has taken some 20 hours.


We will suggest certain improvements be done to the logo to finish, polish, and make ready for prime time. These suggestions include certain fonts as well as alternative colors. Testing the various options and combinations is a time-consuming process, but necessary for the sleek and professional look you desire.


Creating your brand is a process with little details, and finer points expected to make a huge difference. These can include shadows, lines, colors, and placement of various elements. Change one element and the entire concept changes.


Creative genius is a skill and talent developed over decades. Ad agencies, photographers, and artists typically charge a creative fee upfront to be compensated for their talent—plus an hourly rate for the actual design labor. We would respectfully ask that you compensate us with the creative fee and hourly rate should you proceed with any of our concepts.


Suggested fonts for various concepts: