How to Write a Book in Record Time—Five Tricks Those Who Have No Time!

How to Write and Publish a Book Anyway!

How to Write a Book on the Fly!

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

This article will give you great ideas on how to write a book without really trying. Obviously, there are many reasons these days to write and publish a book. However, in this article, I won’t list the reasons here, since I have written an article entitled On-Demand Printing—12 Money Motives, and the Five Shining Benefits of Self Publishing a Real Book to cover this in detail.

Here, we are going to understand how to write a book in record time; and there are five key approaches to make writing a book happen very fast.

5 Tips that Really Work to Write a Book Fast!

1. Choose to write about what you know and love.

This might seem a bit obvious, but not everyone gets this. Indeed, many hold a false concept about what being a writer really is. Also, many think that they must be a novelist, or a best seller, or highly scholarly to become a published author. Indeed, our culture and society and created and perpetuated these stereotypes over time. However, the digital publishing age has changed that in the 21st century. If you write about a subject you know and love, it will begin to flow like water. You will hardly be able to stop writing; while you are learning how to write a book without even trying!

2. Set aside a quiet time and make it a habit.

If there was just one habit to best teach you how to write a book in record time, I would recommend this one trick. Set aside 1 hour a day to write or even just half an hour! Many of us spend that time in a flash on Facebook or watching TV. If you give yourself 1 hour a day to write, after a month, you’ll have a chunk of your book seemingly magically written.

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Do not worry about what the writing sounds like or looks like. Get the heart of the content on paper. Later you can content edit, copy-edit, proofread, or hire a professional, or even have a trusted friend go over the typos, and punctuation errors.  Do not focus on content and form at the same time. BOTH WILL SUFFER. First things first. Get the heart of what you are saying in writing, THEN, you can spruce up the form of it.

4. Create a Blog or Write for a Blog Daily.

This is an almost magical way to start and finish a book in record time! You commit to providing an article once a day or once a week for a blog. Organize your concept and all the articles will fall into the chapters and subheadings of a book. The great thing about this trick is that you are also developing a following at the same time you are writing. Go to and start your own blog on the subject of your book.

5. Publish Your Book.

Last, but not least, is this trick for learning how to write a book in record time. Make a commitment and a plan to publish your book. Best-selling author Jack Canfield once said that writing a book without publishing it is like having a baby and then putting it on someone else’s doorstep. Be sure and commit to publishing your book.  You may find that traditional publishing is challenging and time-consuming, but self-publishing is a doable option at an affordable price. Notably, if you are an entrepreneur, you can recoup the cost of self-publishing quickly by offering consulting, coaching, and courses in your field of expertise.

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Pick Just One Trick and Try it!

Use at least one of these 5 techniques to learn how to write a book in record time and launch yourself as an author. Regardless, Publishing SOLO Magazine offers many rich tools on this site, such as Intent to Publish Agreement, Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms, and free publishing coaching sessions to get you started. Therefore, do not let your fears be an obstacle to prevent your writing dreams from coming to reality. Finally, See our Dream to Publish Boutique for all the tools, resources, and books to launch your dream to publish.

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