What is Google Authorship? Part 1

How to Get Google Authorship

Google Authorship

Why Google Authorship?


It is about time I address this early-information subject publically. I had insisted that all my authors for all my books and websites get Google Authorship for the past half year now. A somewhat complex subject, Google Authorship will become an important distinction for anyone who uses the Internet for income.

Simply put, Google is on the move to shift from ranking websites, to ranking authors. That means if your website is ranking well, it is not wise to count on that forever. Google is shifting the way they will show “who’s who” in the search engines. Most of us know by now that our business is not showing up in the organic search of Google that we are missing an economic opportunity.

Protecting Intellectual Property on the Web: But am I an Author?

You may not think you are an author but if you have ever published a post, a YouTube, written website articles, published your own website, or contributed to a blog as a guest blogger, Google and other search engines consider you an author. Well, sort of.  The World Wide Web has gone through a huge transformation in the past 15 years, since it began. When you write a blog, or article, or post, or even a commentary on Facebook, you have now published your writings to the web and Google and other search engines consider you an author or publisher. The is where Google authorship comes into play.

The Word Wide Web: The New Publishing Venue

In the late nineties, the web was a new toy. People played around with websites, using a lot of experimentation. A first the main idea was the idea that it was free, but that’s not much of a consideration any more. I remember my first website in about 1995. It was quite amateurish. But they all were.  We didn’t know what we were doing then. So it was a bit experimental. Now, billions of dollars are exchanged on the World Wide Web, and the platform has matured. Simply put, the Word Wide Web is the paper, and the keyboard is the new ink.

 PART TWO: www.World Wild West & How & Why to Get Google Authorship Verification

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