The Why of Getting Google Authorship-Part 2

Benefits of Getting Google Authorship

Before I explain to you how to go about getting Google Authorship, you will want to understand the benefits. As a Google Author you are you will get the following:

1. SILENT PLAGEURISM: Have you ever had your original writing or photos taken by someone else on the Internet to use your original works to rank their site on page one of Google? This may have happened to you, and you don’t even know it. Someone from Russia or China or India may have already hacked into your intellectual property and created websites from it.  Clever software is used that search engine optimizes the content and someone else profits from you material. Google Authorship puts a stop to this. Articles and published works to the World Wide Web will be connected to the Google verified author (hopefully you). Place the link from your works into your Google Plus account to be sure that Google understands this is your work. This is a terrific benefit.

Getting Google Authorship

which search engine result would you click on?

2. SEARCH ENGINE PHOTO: Getting Google Authorship will allow your photo to show up (at times) in Google Search Engine Results.  Which search engine result would rather click on?

Google will include your Google Plus Profile photo (randomly) in the search engine results connected with pages that show up for your different websites. This was a search for vacation rental guides, and my listing came up with my Google Authorship Photo included. This is powerful when people are faced with a lot of choices. It has been calculated that the clicking rate on listings with photos is more than double of the other listings. I can see why, it’s that much more attractive and offers credibility as well.

3SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS: Your rankings as an author will positively affect your website’s rankings. I mentioned in the first article that Google is going to move towards ranking authors over ranking websites! What this means is Google wants to reward original and verified content. If you are a Google Verified Author, not only are they going to include your photo in search engine results but they will rank any website for which you are writing (or have written) higher in the search engine results. As time goes by Google will implement an Author Ranking system, but only after they get a cadre of verified authors to rank. This is in process now. Do you want an Author Rank? First thing be on the move for getting Google Authorship.

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