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DIY Publishing: Books on How to Publish Your Own Book

Are You Ready for DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Publishing?

By Deborah S Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

We live in exciting times with DIY (Do-It-Yourself Publishing) in the forefront. The printing press has given way to a whole new era of digital publishing. With print on demand, a single book is printed affordably with digital printing. No longer is it necessary to partner with a publishing house who invests thousands in your book. Writers have the option of publishing a book themselves. Now, you too, can learn how to self publish a book.

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Advantages of DIY Publishing

The advantages of DIY publishing include the ability to publish without rejection, retain ownership of copyrights, exercise creative control, and sell books online without maintaining inventory. Read my article entitled: Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing,  for an in-depth discussion of the benefits of DIY publishing.

DIY Publishing and Self publishing difficult to learn

Steep Learning Curve with Do-It-Yourself Publishing

The Challenges of DIY Publishing

One challenge with DIY Publishing is how to sell your books. If you are not attached to making income from book sales, you may increase your income through speaking, consulting, and coaching, if your book is career related.

One of the most difficult aspects of self-publishing is how little people know. “You don’t know, what you don’t know.” describes many writer novices in the self-publishing process. The learning curve of digital publishing is steep for some. Do as much homework as possible to get educated. This website provides tools, tips, courses, resources, and do-it-yourself books on do-it-yourself publishing! Ask questions and do homework to get organized before launching your self-publishing project. Learn what self-publishing is about.

It certainly is not just printing your book. Self-publishing is the role the writer plays to get his/her book through the publishing process. This includes many phases of preparation to prepare the book for the printing phase. Read our Dictionary of Self Publishing Terms. When you are your own publisher, you are like a general contractor building a custom home. You will be negotiating, managing, directing, hiring, haggling, paying, and establishing schedules and deadlines for subcontractors who build many different aspects of your book.

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Three Phases of Book Publishing

As a DIY self-publisher, one of the most important first steps you will need to do is set up a budget for your book project. Keep in mind, you face many decisions at many levels. This will vary widely, but if you wish to find out more about self-publishing costs, you may find the article entitled “Real Self-Publishing Costs to Publish a Book,” on this site. I go into detail of the various choices you will make. Many of these choices will be similar to picking out different finishing touches such as tile, counters, woodwork, paint, and floors in a custom build home. Some of these choices are very extravagant, and others are practical. Setting a budget ahead of time will keep you  focused on a reasonable standard for making these choices all along the way.

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Designing the Book Cover

One thing you might want to spend a little more of your budget on is the book cover. This is probably the single most important visual aspect in book publishing. The three main phases of book publishing are editorial, book cover design, and interior layout. I have written a detailed article covering those three main phases, each which are further divided into three phases.

This is a general overview of self publishing steps so that you may understand whether you are a candidate for Do-it-yourself publishing. Sign up for our free self-publishing toolkit at the top right section of our website if you are ready to start on your dream to publish a book,. Becoming a published author is one of the most exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. If you are feeling a passion to write, share your writing, and ready to enter the brave new world of digital publishing, I urge you to do so. Let me know if I can help. Meanwhile you might want to join our site, and pick up the free self-publishing toolkit.

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