Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms

Self-Publishing Terms and Tools

Are you considering self-publishing a novel, children’s book, non-fiction book, or autobiography? The Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms is a key first step to take. Download this Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms by clicking on the red button below. You may sign up for our email list to also get access to other powerful self-publishing tools by Author & Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson.

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Looking into Self-Publishing Terms and Conditions

This is a site dedicated to helping writers get their book to the publishing finishing line! You too, can see your dream to be a published author come to reality. With digital publishing ordinary people with a story to tell, inspiration to share, or a skill to teach can become published authors. Learning self-publishing terms is a great first step. If you want to go further be sure and read the article on learn how to publish a book yourself.

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