What is the CreateSpace Estore?

Marketing Self-Published Books with Createspace Estore

By Deborah S. Nelson

selling books on Createspace estore

How to Market Self-Published Books on Createspace Estore

You have self-published a book. Now what? How do you sell them? The CreateSpace estore is one great option for selling books online, but there are many other options (see articles below). The book publishing industry is moving from the traditional publishing model to digital publishing and this is changing the way books are sold. We now know that the majority of books are now purchased online. The number is constantly changing, but about 81% of printed books are purchased through online booksellers. If we are smart, we will target sales to the online book buyer, and limit marketing efforts to the physical book stores. If you must market to the book stores, I suggest you limit efforts to the smaller percentage and invest most of your efforts in online book sales opportunities. With limited time and advertising budget, its best to select the channels that give the most bang for the buck.


Advantages to Selling Book in the CreateSpace estore

The CreateSpace estore is available the moment your book files approved for publishing. Amazon.com will take up to 6 weeks before you book may be available through Amazon. The advantages to selling your books through CreateSpace is that they will collect the money, print, and ship the books to your readers. They credit your account with the profit after the costs covered. This simplifies your life as you will not be responsible for shipping, inventory, sales taxes, or credit card processing. CreateSpace sales platform is certainly not as aggressive as AMAZON BOOKS, however, it is a great sales option to put into place as soon as you publish. It is also the best place to send readers, students, clients, and buyers from your website, since you basically have made the sale, and you will make an extra 20% over what you would make selling your books on AMAZON.

Setting up Your CreateSpace estore

To make your book available through the CreateSpace estore, you will first need to open an account with CreateSpace. CreateSpace is the print on demand arm of Amazon.com Books. Once your book is approved for publishing through CreateSpace, then follow these steps to set up your estore.

Step 1: Login to your CreateSpace account. If you not yet have one, (sign up here, right now).

 Step 2: Go to Member Dashboard and click on the book title that has been approved for publishing.

Step 3:  Under the DISTRIBUTION box at the top, click on “Channels.”

Step 4:  Within the Standard Distributions options, select CreateSpace estore and save.

Step 5:  Also select CreateSpace Direct:  (“By enabling this channel, you can make your books available to certified resellers such as independent bookstores and book resellers. The CreateSpace Direct program allows eligible resellers to buy books at wholesale prices directly from CreateSpace.”)

 Step 6: Look for the link just below the CreateSpace estore option that says: “estore setup” and click.

 Step 7: At the top of the new window, you will see your CreateSpace estore link. Save this and use it to send traffic to from your website or blog.

Step 8: Customize your estore with a banner (760 x 90 pixels) and a background image, if you like. I suggest using the banner from your referring website, and customizing the CreateSpace estore to look like your website. You may select or customize a color background.

Step 9: You may edit the description and author bio from description menu within the member dashboard of your title.

 Step 10: CreateSpace will process, ship, and pay you for any orders purchased through this wholesale platform. Your royalties from sales made this way will be documented in your CreateSpace user account. CreateSpace will deduct about a 20% sales fee, and if your book is sold through AMAZON.COM Books, they will deduct about a 40% sales fee.

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