What is Book Coaching & How Can a Book Coach Help Me Publish a Book?

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What is a Book Coach? A New Publishing Vocation

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker

What in the world is a book coach? Since the advent of digital publishing, we now can tap into technology of print on demand. Notably, print on demand is a digital printing process which makes it inexpensive to publish a book. Therefore, we no longer need to print hundreds and thousands of books to make book publishing affordable. Since this is a complicated process, consider hiring a book coach or a self-publishing coach.

I have included here a great informational video explaining the details of what print of demand means. This video simply gives a quick overview of the history of publishing–and clearly explains what types of printing and book publishing came before digital publishing. Therefore, this will provide you with a great backdrop going forward in your quest to publish your book.

Why Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing Need Book Publishing Coaches

The challenge with self-publishing or independent publishing is to put all the pieces together to make a complete book. As publisher, you hire all subcontractors or freelancers. Bear in mind, publishing a book is similar to building a house.

First, you must start with the land, (the paper), and create a foundation{book concept or idea, or premise), add the Table of Contents. Next, you build the various rooms (the chapters) and embellish with interior appliances, (plot and storyline and characters) Then, comes the decorative touches such as flooring, counters, closets. These decorative touches are equal to the cover design, the fonts, headings, chapter design and other fine details.

Qualities of a Good Book Publishing Coach

A book coach organizes all the steps of publishing a book into a cohesive and ordered plan. Like a general contractor who is an expert project manager, so is a book coach. A book coach (or a book publishing coach) must be highly knowledgeable; very connected with assorted freelancers and subcontractors; and organized to be able to orchestrate the timeline.

Some of the pieces, as the author, you may do yourself, such as editing, or proofreading. However, there are parts which you may not have the skills to do–such as design a book cover and deliver it to exact specifications required by the printer. Moreoever, even selecting the right printer for your project would best be done by a book coach who will understand the options and the requirements of your particular book project.

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Book Coach or a Publishing Coach Can Save Your Time, Money, and Your Nerves!

Try to imagine all the steps in building a home. Firstly, you find the land or the lot. Secondly, you apply for the various building permits, including electric, water, plumbing permits. Next, you must prepare the land by leveling for the foundation. Then, comes the foundation, the framework and the roof. Lastly, you finish with the interior. Indeed, this process involves professionals in the field of real estate, electrical, plumbing, construction, architecture, kitchen, bath and flooring interiors.

Building a book is like building house. Similarly, you will need the necessary permits (ISBN number, copyrights, and pricing bar code). Next, you will need a foundation which includes the book cover. Obviously, this is the best place to start. The interior includes the front matter, core matter, and back matter. Lastly, you will need to choose the interior design such as fonts, layout, design of chapter pages, heads and subheads. For best results, the book interior should be congruent with the cover of the book.

Of course, this requires experts and specialists. Notably, a good book publishing coach coordinates choosing and hiring of the various experts. Additionally, the book coach organizes the chronology so that the book project works like a well oiled machine.

Publishing a Book Yourself can be Exhilaration or a Nightmare.

Indeed, a good book publishing coach can make the difference between a successful book or a money pit. Therefore, to avoid a money pit nightmare, be careful who you hire as a book coach. Additionally, check their references and order a few books that they have been a coach on to see their level of professionalism in action.

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