Book Blueprint Live Event

Imagine hosting a Publish Your Book Blueprint Event in your area! Raise money for your writer’s group or organization by bringing Ms. Nelson in for the weekend. Promote through the local bookstores, writer’s groups, social networks, and online. The Publishing Solo organization will provide logos, artwork, course description, and you do the rest. Charge up to $397 tuition for the 3-day workshop, and discount tuition for early bird registrations.

Deborah S.Nelson. Publishing Coach, Publisher, Author

Deborah S.Nelson. Publishing Coach, Publisher, Author

To book Deborah S. Nelson for a weekend “Publish Your Book Blueprint in 3 Days” workshop, her minimum fee is $3K  plus travel expenses. You may book up to 50 people for a 3-day Publish Your Book Blueprint Workshop. For events with over 50 persons Ms. Nelson’s rate increases and details may be negotiated for the benefit of all. Or, a percentage of the door may be arranged with a non-refundable deposit made for booking the event date with Ms. Nelson.

You provide the event venue; and may charge from $197 up to $397 tuition per person for the weekend. This include the curriculum book and workbooks, the Self-Publishing Toolkit, and The Newest Secret, one of Ms. Nelson’s newest books. To book Ms. Nelson, send the contact form below. [contact_form]Ms. Nelson will present the workshop for 2 hours on Friday evening, 4 hours on Saturday morning; and 4 hours on Sunday afternoon. Feel free to bring in other speakers for Saturday and Sunday afternoons to add value to your event.

Ready, Set, Go!

Boost your earning power & social currency by becoming a published author in record time–just $7.


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Do You Dream to Publish a Book—
But Lack the Time or Know-How?
Look no further. This powerful learn-by-doing guide grants you the time and know-how. Learn to publish a printed book in 3 days by actually doing it! Once you become a published author, your friends, family, and peers will see you in a whole new light! This unique new system teaches both aspiring and seasoned authors every step of the self-publishing process. You won’t even need your completed manuscript to get started. This Book Blueprint system:
Includes a downloadable interior template
Displays parts of a book in chronological order
Gives 10 easy steps to print on demand publishing
Sets up free ISBN number and self-publishing account
Gets your blueprint published in 3 days! (shipping extra)


Want to learn how to publish a book in 3 days?

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